10 Easy Tips To Get Your Visa With You Easily

You may have heard that applying for a visa to visit a country is a difficult process and many people fail. Indeed, the process of making the visa is not easy to do and often also have to face the reality if the visa is rejected and you can not visit your destination country. So this does not happen, this time we have some tips and tricks so that your visa application can be accepted easily.

1. Fill in the Visa Application Form as Possible

Each country must have different visa types such as visa working holiday tourist visa, business visa and other types of visas. For that, each form must be different content so you should be more careful in filling out the form and make sure also you fill out the same form with your destination country destination

2. Preparing Documents Completely

In order for your visa to be accepted smoothly, then you should prepare all the important documents as complete as you made your passport. Often many embassies refuse visas because documents are incomplete. Make sure all documents must be present when you want to apply for a visa beforehand.

Some important documents that you should prepare in addition to your passport as the main document are return flight tickets, passport photos, reservation receipts or hotel reservations, certificates, proof of financial statements, travel plans and also insurance. However, in addition to some of the above documents, some embassies in Indonesia may also request other necessary documents and as a precaution, you should also bring your birth certificate as well as your original family card.

3. Financial Proof

Another preparation you have to do is the financial proof you have. Because, all countries almost entirely require visitors to include evidence of financial statements for the last 3 months. Before you decide to apply for a visa, it’s a good idea to set your financial account well and avoid to transfer large amounts of money in the last 3 months.

This should be noted, because the embassy will be suspicious when you apply for a visa and make sure you have sufficient funds in savings for travel expenses during the holidays to the country you are about to visit. As for the minimum amount of money in your account will not always be notified. It’s good you have enough funds to travel and needs when you visit the country. For example if you want to apply for a visa to the Netherlands, then at least you must have a minimum amount of money in the account of 30 Euro multiplied by how many days you are in Europe.

4. Do Interview With Self Confidence

For some countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States and also some other European countries hold an interview stage during the visa application process. When compared, interviews made for the manufacture of visas to European countries are classified as easier than Americans.

This interview session was conducted, because the embassy is concerned that the visa maker did not return to the country after visiting the country. Therefore, when you do an interview then do it with confidence when answering all the questions asked. The embassy official will ask questions to be sure of your goals including residence and date of return. If you have a contradictory answer, then the possibility of your visa will be rejected.

5. Create a Good Passport and Visa Resume

When you are going to apply for a visa, the next thing besides the interview that will be taken into consideration is the number of stamps or stamps in your passport ie how many countries have you visited, how many visas you have and how often you have Visiting abroad.

If your passport is empty, this will make it harder to apply for a visa to America than to any other country destination. So make sure you build a resume of your passport when you want to apply for a visa to a more difficult country like the United States. You can visit some countries that do not require a visa or country where the visa application process is still relatively easy and then you apply for a visa to a difficult country.

6. Preparing Sponsor Letter If Available

If you have a friend, family or known person who gives you sponsorship especially if the person is an immigrant, then you can copy the passport of that person and do not copy the ID. Because, many also illegal immigrants who also use the placard ID.

7. Preparing Documents Or Supporting Letters

You also need to prepare the necessary supporting documents during the interview process such as a passbook, a checking account, a certificate of employment, asset ownership, a paycheck or a travel invitation letter to that country if any. Take some of these original documents and do not copy them.

8. Preparing Evidence of IELTS and TOEFL English Test

Some destination countries also require you to bring valid English test results such as IELTS or TOEFL. The results of both tests are usually for a period of 2 years from the date of issue. Prepare also evidence of the results of both tests so that your visa is also more easily accepted, especially for you who want to apply for a student visa.

You can contact your university if there is any requirement about the visa application and generally the university is also equipped with a special section in helping students who get a visa or can also contact the nearest education agency if you need help in taking care of your student visa.

9. Looking for More Information

You can also inquire with your friends or relatives who have previously made a visa to a country destination similar to yours so that information about the visa to the country you are coming to can be obtained in more detail. Ask the various requirements needed and how best to get your visa to be accepted and to minimize the failure of many others.

10. Include Lodging Reservation Proof

Prepare also proof if you have made an order in your destination country with confirmed status. This is necessary so that the embassy knows exactly where your location will stay while in the destination country.

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