10 Japanese Movie Recommendation Sad For You

Are you currently feeling upset? Are feeling upset or not, sometimes we may want to watch movies that can thrill the heart. No wonder if many films with a sad story that can make the audience flood tears. Not inferior to Korean dramas, some Japanese films are also successful to make the audience touched you know. Japan became one of Asia's most successful countries producing quality films and dramas.

The Sad Japanese Film Recommendations That Make Tears Flood

Do not just watch Japanese horror movies, but occasionally you can watch sad Japanese movies. Many Japanese-made films are able to make the audience appreciate the story of the film. Well, here is a recommendation of Japanese film that is likely to make you shed tears while watching it.

1. Hotaru no Haka or Grave of The Fireflies

The first movie you can watch is Hotaru no Haka or Grave of The Fireflies. The film was adopted from a novel by Akiyuki Nosaka. But before the film was made, it turns out this novel was appointed an animated film first. The animated film was produced by Studio Ghibli in 1988 ago. It was recently promoted to live-action films in 2005 and 2008. The film was backgrounded in the final days of World War 2. Telling about the two brothers Seitadan Setsuko who must face the rigors of post-war life. They must pass through these difficult times without parents.

2. Tada, Kimi o Aishiteru or Heavenly Forest

The film, produced in 2006, tells the story of a character named Makoto who just entered college. Apparently Makoto including people who are quite difficult to adapt to new environments, especially on new people. But this time Makoto felt different things. He is interested in seeing a girl named Shizuru who has looks and behaviors like children. Once close to Makoto, Shizuru is finally interested in photography. But unexpectedly, Makoto even more interested in a girl named Miyuki. Knowing this, Shizuru also promised Makoto that one day he will grow into a real adult girl. The incident in this film contains many sad scenes that drain the tears.

3. Sekai no Chuusin de, Ai o Sakebu (Crying Out Love in The Center of The World)

In international, the film is titled Crying Out Love in The Center of The World. The film, released in 2004, tells the story of Matsumoto Sakutaro's fiancé who discovered an old cassette, the production of 1986. The cassette contains the final diary of Hirose Aki, who is the first lover of Sakutaro. Former lover Sakutaro died of leukemia. This film explains how Sakutaro's past is in his childhood city. It's been sad to hear it right?

4. Tenkousei: Sayonara Anata or Switching: Goodbye Me

The film that was released in 2007 was lifted from a novel by Yamanaka Hisashi. Not only that, this film is a remake of the previous film that was released in 1982 with the title "I Are You, You Are Me". The story was quite interesting, which is about Kazumi and Kazuo who suddenly switched bodies when accidentally plunged into the pool. At the beginning of the movie you will be presented with fun scenes. But there are some sad scenes that will make you incubate the tears.

5. Kobe Shinbun no Nanokakan

Kobe Shinbun no Nanokakan is a film that tells about the Kobe Earthquake on January 17, 1995. This film is made based on the true story of a photographer Kobe Shinbun newspaper named Tomohiko Matsuyama. You can see a lot of horrible and horrific events in the movie. Especially when Matsuyama has a promise, which is photographing a friend.

6. Aishiteru Kaiyo

Aishiteru Kaiyo is a drama that is able to make people touched because it is about a 10 year old elementary school boy who was arrested by police for killing a kindergarten child. In this film will be told everyday stories while languishing in prison, even until he can reveal the whole incident. Not only that, there will be a story of the boy's parents struggle that face the scorn of people around. Then how his parents are responsible to the families of the victims. This film mampy open the mind and hearts of the audience to see the problem from various angles that exist.

7. 1 Liter of Tears Serial

This series is adapted from a true story of an 18 year old high school teen named Aya Kito who suffers from Spinocerebellar Degeneration disease. This disease was able to paralyze the nerves in Aya's body, so he could not write, walk, and talk. Persistence and struggle of this girl can touch the hearts of the audience, even the inspiration of many people as well. No wonder this series became a favorite drama, then aired in several Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, until HongKong. Even Indonesia itself adapted the story of this drama into a series of Nayla Diary that aired in 2006 ago on national television station.

8. Koizora

In international, Koizora is named Sky of Love. Koizora is produced into movie and drama series. It is about a pair of high school kids named Mika and Hiro who live a winding romance. Then suddenly Hiro disappears without news after asking Mika to end their relationship. It was not known to Mika that it turned out that Hiro had a deadly disease, so he was deliberately away from Mika. The movie and drama series are made into two versions with different actors.

9. Taiyou no uta

The film tells of a character named Taiyou no uta who has a love of music. His love is helping him in the fight against skin cancer that he suffered. Although he can not enjoy the days in the sun as normal as most people in general. But he never despaired. Every night he sings on the sidewalk to pursue his dream of becoming a singer. Finally he also met with Koji. But the problem occurs when love in their anatar grows. Kaoru also remained concealed about his illness. You can see this movie in two versions.

10. Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake

The popular romantic drama of the 1990s was able to drain the tears of its audience. The film, starring Takeshi Kaneshior and Kyoko Fukada, is about a girl named Masaki Kano who suffered from HIV disease, after he sold himself to earn money. He needed money to watch the concert of a famous composer named Keigo Ishikawa. But after the concert, Keigo sees Masaki approaching his car. Finally Masaki was taken overnight to Ishikawa's apartment. Masaki's HIV disease also contracted to Keigo. Both are also doing joint struggle to face the deadly disease.

That was some of the recommendations of Japanese sad movies that you can watch. Judging from the above reviews, the stories are quite sad indeed? But the sad story offered is not merely about the love story. But more about a struggle in life. So how, are you interested in watching which one? Happy watching!

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