10 Natural Facial Moisturizer For Self-Made Dry Skin

Natural face moisturizer – Make you who have a dry and dull face, using a moisturizer becomes a must that must always be in the bag. But do you know nowadays many moisturizing products sometimes do not match our skin type. Especially now the price of moisturizer is also getting cheaper.

To overcome this way, We recommend to use a natural moisturizer for dry and dull skin. Some of these natural moisturizers are made from natural ingredients and make it easy at home.

Here are some natural facial moisturizers for dry and dull skin that you can make yourself at home.

Natural Facial Moisturizer For Her Own Artificial Dry Faces

1. Olive Oil
Since the first olive oil used by noble princess as a material to smooth the skin, this natural oil is very well used as a facial moisturizer for a myriad of benefits in it. In addition to smoothing the skin, olive oil also has benefits as a burden of premature aging and quickly regenerate new skin.

How to use it just simply by applying olive oil to the entire surface of the face, then let the next few minutes rinse and wash it with face soap.

2. Aloe Vera
Surely you already know this one fruit. Most people think that aloe vera is only suitable for maintaining healthy hair aja, more than that turns aloe vera is also suitable serve as a natural moisturizer for dry and dull face. Cool and cold sensation can overcome the dry face becomes moist, even the article Aloe vera can also heal wounds mainly because of acne scars.

3. Bengkoang
Bengkoang known to whiten this facial skin we can use as a natural moisturizer. Bengkong has a Vitamin C content really good to brighten facial skin health, but it is also useful to reduce free radicals that cause skin damage. So there’s nothing wrong you make it and use it as a moisturizer, in addition to able to cope with dry skin, your face will also look white shine.

4. Avocado
" You can also use Avocado as a Natural Facial Moisturizer, good properties to overcome dry and dull face. To take advantage of it, you need a mixture of other ingredients to make it such as olive oil, avocado and yogurt, mix and puree all the ingredients evenly.

In Avocado contained unsaturated fats that have an important role to moisturize facial skin. Even if you use it regularly the benefits can also to tighten and make the face look youthful.

5. Green Tea
" Do not you think that green tea is often used as a diet drink, so if you want a diet try Drink green tea, but the dregs do not throw away, because it is very useful to use as a natural face moisturizer and suitable for you who have dry and dull skin.

When we use green tea then it will work by lifting dead skin cells, the content is also very refreshing and cool in the face. Not only make the face so moist, feel relaxed and fresh you will also feel. And most importantly the content of antioxidants and polyphenols in green tea is very good for maintaining the body’s immune system.

6. Coconut milk
Coconut milk is used as a moisturizer? Surely you do not think. But the fact is good. Even in addition to moisturize the face, coconut milk can also brighten facial skin. In addition, Coconut Coconut can also treat facial skin itching due to acne.

but for more josh again, Coconut Coconut must be mixed with sandalwood powder. This is so that the benefits more quickly felt. You live just mix sandalwood oil and coconut milk. Stir until smooth and then apply on face surface, and leave up to 10-15 minutes.

7. Mixed yoghurt and Milk
" this material also can we make as a natural moisturizer for dry and dull face if both these materials Combined with its usefulness to overcome the effective dry skin of the semaine, how to make it sufficient by mixing the two ingredients and stir until blended and then apply

to the entire surface of the face and leave to 20 minutes. If you use it diligently these two natural ingredients, then other benefits such as maintaining skin elasticity can you benefit.

8. Cheese
Maybe you never imagine how cheese will become a facial moisturizer. But from curious you should try, because the article cheese has an effective natural oil to overcome dry skin.

For how to make it you need a mixture of other ingredients ie pure milk. Grated cheese and mix with milk and stir the two ingredients until evenly distributed. Apply this natural moisturizer to the surface of the face and wait for a few minutes.

9. Honey
" Who Which is not familiar with honey which is a natural ingredient with a million benefits, the benefits to dijadikasn as a natural moisturizer no doubt, not only able to moisturize the face, honey also become a mainstay ingredient that is often used to get rid of acne quickly

how to make a homemade natural face moisturizer from honey you just need to apply it every night. If used regularly then day your face will look beautiful glow. But it is advisable before using honey your face should be cleaned first with warm water, the goal for the efficacy of honey can seep into the skin.

10. Almond Oil
In Almond oil there are unsaturated fatty acids that function as sun protector that is useful to keep skin from direct sunlight. Almond oil is safe to use and has few side effects compared to moisturizers made from chemicals. For those of you who often use cosmetics recommended use Almond oil, because this natural ingredients are also efficacious to prevent infection due to the use of cosmetics.

how to make Homemade natural face moisturizer above all easy to make. Benefits can you feel if used regularly. And Safe is used daily for day and night.

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