10 School Lectures Suitable for Extroverted Girls


After the middle school junior is over, now it is your turn to choose a course that fits perfectly and suits your personality. Unlike the introverted girls who fit the college majors who tend to be more serious. Girls with extroverted personality are more suitable and corresponding to the related majors and have direct interaction with the people around them.

The answer is certainly because the extrovert personality is more sociable and tend to like to interact socially and happy with outdoor activities. So if you include an extrovert girl, a wrong choice of majors that do not fit your personality could be fatal. Not only make you stress and depressed but also bad for your future. Therefore do not choose the wrong majors huh?

Here it is, the School of Lectures Suitable for You The ‘Extrovert Girl’

1. Law

A girl with an extrovert person tends to get bored easily with something monotonous, and the law school is perfectly suited to an extrovert girl. Because, in this department you will learn about many ins and outs about the science of law. In addition to studying a variety of cases, it also requires you to be active in a discussion in order to be able to sharpen the thinking becomes more critical and sharp.

Career level can be obtained not only as lawyers, lawyers and law enforcement agencies but also does not close the possibility for other types of work that are still in touch. For example, as in the field of finance, business and journalism.

2. Drama Art

The soul of a more open ekrovert than an introvert would be most appropriate when choosing an arts college. There are many art majors, but the more appropriate is the art of drama and performances. Any idea? Because, an extrovert is very fond of being the center of attention and in this drama arts department certainly can further hone his ability to be able to express his soul in an interesting work of art.

Not only being a performer, in many drama arts can be learned including management and culture. Because art can never be released from a culture.

3. Public Relation

In general the name has been illustrated what will be studied in the Department of Public Relation, a science that studies how to relate socially and build a positive image. And of course this really suits you extrovert girls who prefer to interact socially.

This department requires you to think creatively and critically and critically in coordinating activities as well as having both verbal and verbal skills. So unfortunately if you missed the opportunity to study in this department because the prospect of his career was quite interesting.

4. Marketing

Speaking of marketing, of course this is very much related to social interaction in marketing things both goods and services. In the marketing world you will learn many things related to promotions and techniques used in marketing. Good analyze and read data to determine products and targets accordingly.

Why is this appropriate with extroverts, because the world of marketing is so thick with intense interactions and because an extrovert is so capable of doing so.

5. Education

Many departments can be selected in the majors of education courses, because the main focus is to create a reliable faculty. And you extroverts must fit the course of this course, because in the world of social interaction education is needed.

What’s more, an open-minded and sociable extrovert can easily blend in with others, very suitable as an educator.

6. Tourism

Dwelling behind a desk with many of those routines – that alone can make you extroverts stressed and dizzy. You who prefer something free and can meet more new people and interact with them. Therefore the tourism majors will be very appropriate with your passion.

Because in this course, you will learn about the world of tourism in more depth how about maximizing its potential and also the culture inside. Therefore you are adventurous kind of extrovert would not be wrong when choosing this department as a course.

7. Sociology

Interacting directly with the crowd is a thing that extroverts love very much, because it is able to make it gain energy for itself. And the science of sociology that indeed studies about the hungungan between human behavior in interacting from time to time will make it more interesting to learn.

In his own lectures more verbal interaction put forward in a discussion that discusses many aspects of social life in society. Certainly interesting because indeed an extrovert really liked the atmosphere.

8. Medicine

Admission to the medical school is not an easy matter because you are required to have many extraordinary skills in academics. Not only for academic ability but also you must be good at building social interaction, for example being friendly and open.

This is because the medical department is closely related to community service that requires you to always be able to interact well with anyone regardless of anything. Therefore you are an extrovert and have good academic skills can not hurt choose a medical department.

9. Midwifery

Not much different from the majors of medical school, midwifery is also still in the health sciences is perfect for you ekstrovert girl. Because in his own profession demands a very good interaction between the midwife and his patient. Here you will learn a lot about health that is more focused on pregnant women and babies.

10. Agribusiness

The world of agriculture is very broad and not limited only to rice fields and fields alone because many interesting science to be considered and certainly in accordance with extroverted personality that tends to be socially active. Like agribusiness for example or in science known as Agricultural Socio-Economic.

In it you will learn about how to manage its resources, for example in terms of people and economy in order to help manage and make a farm more advanced.

So some majors that are suitable for the girl extrovert hopefully can provide inspiration to choose the appropriate majors according to the interest that is in themselves. Studying in college is a dream of many people, so do not waste your time by choosing a college that is not in accordance with your personal and interests. Choose what you love, and all difficulties will be easy.

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