10 School Lectures Suitable for Introverted Girls

Choosing a college course is not an easy matter, because it involves the future so it can not play or play. One of the things that matters when you start choosing a college course is to choose according to your personality so that your potential is getting excavated. And you're an introverted girl who looks a bit taciturn and seems to pull away from the outside world, along with some college majors that work for you.

10 School Lectures for Introvert Girls

1. Graphic Design

An introvert loves things that are a bit more detail and more creative, and graphic design majors will fit perfectly into the personality. Any idea why? Therefore, the world of design is in need of creativity and high accuracy that is owned by you with an introverted person.

And here, you will be able to explore the creative side from within and explore the limits of the imagination. Because in the graphic design of your world will focus more on images, numbers, photos, graphics and illustrations that can later be poured in a stunning design detail.

2. Accounting

When dealing with counting, an introvert is perfect when choosing this course as his course. How not, in the world of work is an accountant does not require much grueling social interaction for an introvert. Because it is only related to the task of finances and numbers only

So the courses studied in this department tend to be more serious, which is perfectly suited to the characters with introverts who prefer to be focused and thorough.

3. Literature

Introverts tend to prefer to express their feelings through a writing and sequence of words. Therefore, the college majors that are also suitable for you who have a personal tend to introvert is the literary department. In this course you will be able to develop your own potential in the arts of language.
You can choose Indonesian and English according to your interests and abilities. Being a reliable writer who is able to cultivate more interesting language to be enjoyed will be more open to you.

4. Engineering Informatics (IT)

In the department of informatics engineering, you will learn to understand how computer works make programming, coding or understanding programming language that is quite complicated for some people. But for you introverts, this department can be very much in line with your personality who prefers to focus on something.

Obviously this will be a very interesting challenge for you, and anyway the work in this field provides quite promising opportunities. Because today digital technology is growing so rapidly that the future prospects for its graduates are still wide open.

5. Actuarial

Not much different from the majors of accounting and mathematics, majoring in actuarial courses also learn about the numbers. But this department is more specific to learn about the science that manages financial risk in the future or better known as insurance. Why does an introvert fit into this department?

Because, science is tended to be problem solving or problem solving that requires profound thought and not just an interaction. Especially regarding the financial problems and risks that may occur therein.

6. Radiology

Although still sounds quite strange to the ears, radiology courses are perfectly suited to most introverted characters. For example, like the character of diligent, meticulous in detail, like to make observations, happy with the count – count and even more pleased to work individually.

This course is suited to you who are fond of and interested in the health field especially in medical technology that requires exceptional levels of accuracy.

7. Pharmacy

Not far from the world of health, you who are an introvert also fit college in the pharmacy department. This is because this department deals with Biology lessons and also chemistry that belongs to the world of science.

This science studies the structure of a drug compound and the ins and outs of how the process of starting from the beginning until the drug is feasible and can be used as a healer of a disease. This process requires an extraordinary precision and persistence as an introvert has.

8. Architectural Engineering

Another college major that also suits you introverted girls is architecture. Why match? Because the majors of this course combine many characters of science in the world of architecture that can be very appropriate with your personality introvert, such as science, technology, mathematical calculation accuracy and taste of art in every applied.

For his own profession was spelled out very wide because it is not fixated on one type of work, because it is related to building and space. So the accuracy of an introvert will be very united in the world of architecture.

9. Journalism

The world of journalism is still not far away with the world of writing in processing words that are then published as an information. Therefore this department is perfect for you who have an introverted soul but also has a passion in the field of journalism. Why so? Because, here you will be able to learn how an event will be processed into an informative news. Because indeed an introvert has a high curiosity that can be expressed in a journal.

The world of journalism is very broad and not only fixated on one type of media only, such as electronic media, print media and online media are in vogue today. So the chances of his work were also quite promising.

10. Science of Food Technology

A person who is introverted personality tends to prefer things that are scientific in need of accuracy and thoroughness in thinking. And why the science of food technology can be very appropriate with this personality, because the science is learning about food processing technoligi. It incorporates many scientific sciences, such as biology, physics and chemistry and its processing techniques.

This department focuses on the research side rather than social interaction, so someone with introverted character can with lelusa menggai her own potential deeper. Science taught for this department was not only about food science but also how the production from upstream to downstream so that a food ready and feasible to be marketed

Well, so some college majors are suitable for introverted girls that could be an inspiration for you. Indeed, choosing a course that has a good career prospects in the future is very important. However, choosing the appropriate personality is much more important because it will be able to maximize the potential from within yourself, especially for you who have introverted personality.

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