10 Step Makeup Every Day Can Be Tinted

Can be spelled out that natural beauty is the dream of every woman in the world. But unfortunately the existing deficiencies in facial skin sometimes even make us become less confident. No wonder if many women make makeup as one of the best solutions to overcome this. The daily makeup used must be able to cover the stain on your face. Not only that, the makeup should also be able to highlight your own eyes and reinforce the structure of the facial bones.

But do not seem excessive or even menor yes. There are several ways you can do, which is to use a little powder and foundation, neutral lipstick, and light eye makeup. Certainly will produce a natural facial appearance. Here are some steps to using natural makeup that you can contek everyday.

10 Steps Using Natural Makeup For Everyday

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1. Preparing makeup equipment

Before you make your ria, you will have to prepare some tools, such as moisturizer, foundation, powder, blush on, eyeshadow, eyeliner, highlighter and bronzer, mascara, makeup brush, lipstick or lip gloss.

2. Preparing face

The first thing you should do before using makeup is to prepare your face first. You can wash your face. Wash your face as much as possible to keep it clean and fresh. You can use a facial cleanser to taste, or it can be replaced with a splash of lukewarm water to the face several times to clean the impurities on the skin.

Then gently pat the face until dry with a towel. Remember, used towels should be made soft yes. Hidari wash your face with hot water, so it is recommended to use warm water. Hot water will make your face dry, even susceptible to irritation as well. Then as much as possible do not dry your face by rubbing it. This can make the skin become slack.

3. Considering to exfoliate the face

Maybe you will feel confused, what is facial exfoliation? Actually the face does not need to be exfoliated every day. You can peel the face every few days. The goal is to keep skin look fresh. When you apply makeup to areas of skin that are so dry and flaky, then you can make a goal of using makeup to fail.

Try to exfoliate the skin using a small face brush well. Plus with scrubs or other facial skin exfoliation. You can focus on areas that tend to be scaly and dry. Wearing a regular face mask aka routine is one of the right steps to keep facial skin stay in good condition. Try selecting a mud mask that will cleanse the pores and help release dry skin when you wash your face.

4. Apply moisturizer

Before using makeup, of course you have to apply a little moisturizer first. Moisturizers can help makeup that you use to be more easily leveled. In addition, moisturizer can also create a look that looks more perfect end. Before using a moisturizer, you should choose a facial moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. Gently massage the moisturizer all over your face. After that let moisturizer seep into the skin for a few minutes before you continue using makeup. Remember, applying makeup on the face while still wet can actually make a mess, you know.

5. Wear foundation and powder

First, you can apply foundation by using a brush of foundation, finger, or foam to flatten. But make sure the foundation is not clumped or stacked. Then avoid also thicken layer of foundation on the stain on the face. This will certainly only make the stain more visible. Then flatten the foundation around the edges of the face, precisely at the meeting place under the chin.

6. Applying concealer on face

You can choose a concealer that matches your skin color. But if you have dark circles under the eyes, you should choose a color that one level brighter than your skin color. Try applying concealer using soft concealer brush. Can also by using the fingers by way of bottle a little under the eyes, then mix it should be soft also so that the eyes will look bright and not sleepy. If you want to reduce the amount of makeup you use, you can skip this step. This is actually determined by what part of the face you want to disguise and which one you want to highlight. Try giving more concealer to the stain on the face if necessary. But still make sure that you wear a color that matches your skin color yes.

7. Using powder

Now it's time you put on powder. As much as possible select the powder that matches the color of your skin. Use a powder brush to apply face powder with a circular motion. This can give a natural-looking finish to the face, then solidify the foundation so it will not fade easily and stay in place all day long. By the time you have more time, then you can add bronzer or highlighter to reinforce the contours on the face. Rub also blush on face. You can choose a pink blush on

8. Wear eye makeup

The next step you can take is to use eye makeup like eyeshadow. We recommend that you choose a neutral color eyeshadow palette in order to produce a simple look. You can choose gold, blue, gray, or brown. Of course you have to adjust with eye color. Remember, avoid bright and flashy colors during the day.

9. Applying mascara

Use a layer of mascara on the upper and lower lashes. You should place a mascara brush under the upper lashes, then brush out. Once you're done with one eye, try dipping the brush on the mascara bottle before applying it to the other eye. Brown or black mascara are both good for everyday use. But if you do not want to wear mascara, then you can wear eyelash curler to make eyelashes become more tapering and look more natural.

10. Applying lip color

You can wear lipstick in the form of lipstick or lip gloss neutral or pink color to complete the look of everyday face. But you should avoid wearing brightly colored lipstick, bold impressed, or too bright during the day. You can press the tissue between the lips to remove excessive lipstick when worn.

But if you want to wear brightly colored lipstick, you can slightly reduce the color by applying the lipstick on the lower lip, then rub the upper and lower lip lipstick can be attached to both. After that, use a clear colored lip gloss to cover the color.

That was a few steps of using makeup everyday that you can cheat. Of course makeup everyday more pleasing to the eye if impressed natural. Differentiate with makeup when going to a party huh! Happy trying!

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