15 Ways To Effectively Eliminate Dandruff In The Head

Having bushy, black and delicate hair is a dream for everyone because hair is often said to be a crown, especially for women. But what if there is dandruff in the middle of black hair. Surely your perfect appearance will be broken and not infrequently make many people feel less confident.

The Definition of Dandruff

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Dandruff or dandruff is a small flake with a grayish or white color that peels and attaches to the hair or the skin of hair so that if it falls will be seen on the shoulder. Although this problem is not contagious and rarely occurs serious problems of dandruff, but this condition often causes sufferers feel less confident because it turns dandruff into one of the problems on the scalp that is difficult to handle. Many people think that dandruff arises because there is a problem with hair or how many times we do shampoo. If you are one of the people who have this scalp problem, then there is no need to worry because it will have a solution.

Cause of Dandruff

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This white flake or dandruff can happen to anyone so we should always maintain healthy hair and scalp so as not to cause dandruff problems like this. Although the problems faced the same, but the cause of dandruff can vary. Each cause provides dandruff problems with different severity. Before looking for a solution or a way to eliminate dandruff then it’s good if we know in advance what causes it to be selected the right way of treatment.

Here are some of the causes of dandruff on the scalp:

1. Dry skin

A dry scalp would be a comfortable place for dandruff to appear. Although it can cause dandruff but the problem of dandruff caused by drying of the scalp is not greater than other conditions. Actually you can see earlier whether your skin is dry or not from other skin conditions, such as the skin on the hands or feet so that can be done how to eliminate dandruff as soon as possible

2. Irritation and seborrheic dermatitis or oily skin

Dandruff also often arises because of this condition. Symptoms that can be seen is oily skin with red and yellowish scales or white flakes. Seborrhoeic dermatitis may affect other body areas containing many oil glands, such as the side nose, groin, eyebrows, breastbone and armpits.

3. Rarely shampoo

Shampoo is one way to clean the hair and also the scalp from bacteria or fungi. When we are lazy to wash hair or shampoo then skin cells and oil on the head will accumulate so that comes the name of dandruff. So, to prevent the occurrence of dandruff you can wash it regularly and in the right way so as not to cause problems on the scalp

4. Eczema or eczema

This is defined as chronic inflammation that occurs in the skin. Eczema will create white flakes called dandruff and cause itching. In the UK, this situation is often found in children. Data from WHO say that skin disease is common in children in many developing countries. But, in fact everyone can experience this condition.

5. Proriasis

Rough and dry dead skin cells accumulate in the head will cause the skin to become scaly and this is what is called prosiasis. This condition occurs when the immune system stimulates many skin cells to grow in parts of the body, as well as on the scalp. People with psoriasis will tend to have dandruff.

6. Sensitive to hair care products

Hair care is very necessary to maintain health so that no problems arise. Only, if we choose the hair care product is the problem it will come, including the emergence of dandruff.

7. Malassis mushroom infection

Usually malassezia lives on the skin without causing illness. But if these conditions continue to be allowed and develop in excess it will cause irritation of the scalp. This iritas then make the growth of skin cells faster so that excess skin cells will die and stick to the hair. These flakes then fall on the shoulders as dandruff.

In addition to the various causes of dandruff, there are several factors that can increase the production of dandruff so that the fix can be done more intensely and correctly. Here are the factors:

  1. Men are more likely to experience dandruff in their hair due to the influence of hormones they have
  2. Distressed thoughts or stress can stimulate the production of dandruff
  3. People of middle age to middle age are more at risk of dandruff
  4. Foods that make dandruff production can be increased are foods containing vitamin B, zinc (Zn) or certain fats.
  5. Parkinson’s disease or HIV increases the risk of dandruff
  6. Weather change
  7. Scalp and hair greasy

5 Shampoo Material For Removing Dandruff

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Having dandruff in hair can indeed be a big problem if this continues to be left. But you do not need to worry because the advancement of technology now makes us easier to find the right way and fast. The use of chemicals as a remedy to remove dandruff in the hair can be an alternative way to try. How to remove stubborn dandruff with chemicals should pay attention to some things first.

We should know the type of our scalp because every skin type has different treatments so we have to adjust it. In addition, it is better if we find out in advance about the materials that can be selected along with its characteristics so that we will be easier to choose the right one. The following is the name of the chemical you can choose:

1. Zinc pyrithione

The function of this substance is to kill the fungus which is one of the causes of dandruff. This substance is included in antibacterial substances so that it can cope with the target is the bacteria that cause dandruff.

2. Salicylic acid

This substance is often referred to as salicylic acid. Its function is to help remove and soften dead skin that accumulate in the scalp. The accumulation of dead skin on the head that is not immediately discarded will turn into dandruff. Use of this substance may cause the scalp to become drier so it is advisable to use conditioner or hair moisturizer after using this shampoo.

3. Shampoo made of tar

Useful material to inhibit the production of dead skin cells. Use of this type of shampoo can cause hair color changes, especially for those of you who have light-colored hair.

4. Selenium sulfide

This material is useful to help reduce mold growth and inhibit the production of dead skin cells in the head. It’s just that, for you with hair that has undergone chemical treatment, as colored it is not recommended to use this material.

5. Ketoconazole

The efficacy of this shampoo to remove dandruff may be said to be the most efficacious as an antifungal drug. So most people will put this substance as a last resort when other materials can not produce results.

10 Natural Ways to Prevent Dandruff Appears

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The development of the age to make dandruff medications appear. Only, the drug is made with chemicals that will cause side effects. Therefore, it is better if we do how to eliminate dandruff with safer natural materials. Many natural ingredients that are around us and use it for ingredients free from dandruff problem in hair. Here are some natural ingredients and how to use them:

1. Lemon juice

Lemon is often used in the world of beauty, especially to keep skin bright and smooth. In addition, lemon can also help keep the pH of the skin to balance with the level of acidity it has so that the growth of mold in the head will be prevented and dandruff can be reduced. In fact, lemon also serves as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent that can kill the fungus that causes dandruff directly. How to get rid of dandruff:

  • Prepare lemon 1 fruit and juice
  • Dissolve the juice results in a glass of water
  • Wet hair first
  • Pour the lemon juice evenly to the head
  • Wait about 20 to 25 minutes. At the beginning of use you may feel itchy but this is normal
  • Rinse with clean water and shampoo using shampoo.
  • You can also use coconut oil as a mixture so that given vitamin E can maintain healthy scalp.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda can be used as an ingredient for scubbing scalp. It is useful to remove dead scalp cells and also peel them so as not to accumulate and eventually form dandruff. Not only that, baking soda can also interfere with mold growth in the scalp and relieve itching due to dandruff. How to get rid of dandruff:

  • Wet hair first
  • Prepare baking soda 1 tbsp and put in hand
  • Rub the baking soda on the scalp gently
  • When done, rinse head and hair with clean water until there is no baking soda attached to the head

In early use, baking soda will make your hair become drier but after a few weeks, the scalp will return to normal oil production so the hair will become soft and avoid dandruff.

3. Apple vinegar

Some people may never know the benefits of apple vinegar for hair. However, after many studies proving that apple cukap is able to remove dandruff on the hair then more and more people who use it as a drug dandruff naturally. This solution has an acidic properties that will change the pH of the scalp so as not to become a den of the fungus that causes dandruff so it is a way of eliminating dandruff quickly.

In addition, apple vinegar is also able to prevent drying of the scalp and relieve itching on the head. How to get rid of dandruff:

  • Prepare a clean and empty bottle of spray
  • Put apple vinegar about 50ml into prepared spray bottle and mix it with 50 ml of clean water
  • Shake-shake the bottle to mix well
  • Spray the solution over the scalp
  • Wrap the hair with a towel and let stand 30 to 60 minutes
  • Rinse hair to besih
  • Do this way 2 times a week until dandruff is completely clean.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known as a material that can be used to overcome various hair and scalp problems, including dandruff that interfere with appearance. Coconut oil has a content that can help eliminate dandruff because of its ability to inhibit the growth of mold on the scalp. The content of vitamin E can also maintain healthy scalp and hair and menutrisinya. How to get rid of dandruff:

  • Prepare coconut oil 1 tbsp and apply on scalp with dry hair condition
  • Flatten the spread by gently massaging the scalp
  • Wait about 30 to 60 minutes for oil content to seep well
  • Rinse hair with shampoo as usual

5. Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been known since the first in maintaining healthy hair, including to remove dandruff on the scalp. Aloe vera will remove dead skin cells on the head and kill the fungus that causes dandruff. Aloe vera gel that gives cold effect so it is very appropriate if used as an ingredient in how to overcome dandruff and itching. Do not forget to do this routinely so that dandruff can disappear soon. How to get rid of dandruff:

  • Prepare aloe vera 1 stalk and partake only gel or meat
  • Apply the gel to the scalp evenly while doing gentle massage
  • Wait about 15 minutes then continue shampooing using shampoo

6. Yoghurt

It turns out that yoghurt not only has a delicious and fresh taste but can also be useful for eliminating dandruff because the acidic properties in it can kill the fungus that causes dandruff. Not only that, other benefits will you get also if using yogurt, the hair becomes more shiny and soft. How to get rid of dandruff:

  • Prepare plain or non-flavored yoghurt and leave it open for 1 day at room temperature for the fermentation process to work properly
  • Apply yogurt on the scalp, base hair to tip evenly
  • Wait for 1 hour then rinse with shampoo
  • Do this way 3 times a week for maximum leverage

7. Onion

Who would have thought if one of these ingredients can also be used to eliminate dandruff. His ability to kill bacteria and fungi that cause dandruff is no doubt. So, despite its very sharp odor, there is no harm in using this way to get the dandruff to disappear.
How to get rid of dandruff:

  • Prepare raw onions 2 cloves then puree
  • Combine with ginger and honey to reduce the onion odor
  • Rub the mixture on the scalp slowly
  • Rinse with clean water then shampoo using shampoo.

8. Olive oil

Who is not familiar with oil that is rich in these benefits. One more benefit given olive oil is to eliminate dandruff while preventing dry scalp. In fact, this oil will also maintain healthy scalp and hair due to the high vitamin E content.
How to get rid of dandruff:

  • Apply olive oil 1 tbsp on palm of hand then flatten
  • Perform a gentle scalp massage with oil-lubricated hands
  • Wrap the hair and head with warm towel for 30 minutes
  • Rinse and shampoo using shampoo.

9. Lavender oil extract

Lavender flowers have a very beautiful look and have a million benefits, including oil extract that serves to keep the scalp moist and eliminate dandruff. Not only that, lavender oil extract is also able to reduce itching due to dandruff.
How to get rid of dandruff:

  • Pour 1sdm oil on palm then wipe-rubbing
  • Perform massage on the head with a bite using the oil-lubricated palm
  • Wait about 15 minutes then clean the hair with shampoo.

10. Tomato

The pH of an unbalanced scalp may be one of the causes of dandruff. This makes the fungus can grow more and perfect so that dandruff will be more and more. The acid content in the tomato is able to balance the pH of the scalp so that the growth of the fungus will be hampered.
How to remove dandruff:

  • Prepare the tomatoes 2 pieces then smash
  • Enter 1sdm coconut oil and mix
  • Apply mixture on scalp evenly while gently massaging scalp
  • Let stand about 1 hour then clean the hair with shampoo using shampoo.

Dandruff is one of the scalp problems that is often felt by many people. Various causes can lead to dandruff and there are also factors that can increase the risk of dandruff. However, you need not be afraid because now there are many ways and ways to choose to overcome this problem. The use of chemicals and natural must be taken into account.

Chemicals may provide more powerful and fast results, just look again about the side effects that will be inflicted. In contrast to natural materials that are considered more secure even though the results take time. There’s no need to do all of these things in the same time, just select one or two ways that are right with the cause so that they can be resolved immediately. If you’ve found a way to eliminate the right dandruff then do it regularly so the results can be immediately seen. However, if this problem does not go away and it gets worse then come to a dermatologist or beauty for further treatment.

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