22 Ways to Eliminate Hair Mite In Children And Adults

Understanding of Hair Lice

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Hair louse disease is a condition in which the scalp is infected with lice, a small insect that exists in human hair and lives by sucking blood through the scalp. Its size is so small that some people can not see it. Actually, hair lice have different sizes, ranging from as big as sesame seeds to the size of a pinhead. Possible if the size of the tick is affected by the age of the tick.

Generally, flea eggs have a period of hatching about 8 to 9 days later will reach large or mature size, ticks take 9 to 12 days. When an adult, the lice can live up to four weeks and after that will die by itself.

The presence of fleas in the hair often makes the scalp itchy because when the louse is running it will feel there are creeping on our heads. Itching is what then makes a person often scratching the head due to the effects of the dangers of hair lice. In addition, another sign of hair louse is the back of the neck that has a rash.

Transmission of hair lice can only occur between humans only, not animals so it is not possible if these hair lice arise from animals. There are two ways of transmission of hair lice, namely:

  • Direct contact is a contagion that occurs due to a hair that has a tick in contact with someone else’s hair so as to allow the ticks to move and crawl.
  • Indirect contacts are transmitted through intermediaries of fleas or eggs from ticks used together such as clothes, earphones, sheets, hats, combs, hairbrushes, cushions, towels and helmets.

Actually only two ways of transmission that can happen, it’s just that there are still many people who think that fleas can fly and jump from one head to another. In addition, hair louse infections are also not associated with hair hygiene. Usually this transmission will occur in one family or among children because they interact actively and make physical contact with peers.

How to Detect the Lice of Hair

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Some people may not feel if they have hair lice, especially with the small size of ticks making them invisible. For that the most appropriate way to find out the presence of lice in the hair is to use a comb serit. This special comb can catch or pick up hair fleas because the comb is made of very tight teeth, about 0.2-0.3 mm. This comb can be made of plastic or wood so you can choose yourself which one is more comfortable.

There are two ways to use comb serit, that is by dry and wet way. For how to get wet, do this:

  1. Wet hair and shampoo using shampoo
  2. Use also conditioner for smoother hair
  3. Use an ordinary comb first to make the hair not tangled so that the movement of the comb can be more smoothly
  4. Brush the hair with a gently slanting comb from the scalp and then pull it up to the end of the hair
  5. Check the comb if there is a tick on the sidelines of his teeth, other than that flea eggs can also be tucked in there
  6. Repeat this until the whole hair is combed evenly

The actual dry way is not much different from the wet way. It’s just that the hair does not need to be washed or used conditioner first. You can directly use comb as in the wet way. But it is advisable for you to use the first way because if in a wet state the movement of the lice will be limited so it is easier to get caught. Here’s how to get rid of hair lice.

Cause of Appearance of Hair Lice

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Having lice in the hair does interfere with our comfort. Many ways can be done to overcome the hair lice but it would be better if we know what the exact cause first. Although there are several causes, there may be only one that lies at the base of the lice in your hair. The following is the cause of the appearance of hair lice:

1. Do not keep clean pillowcases and sheets properly

After the cleanliness of hair is awake then it’s time to ensure cleanliness pillowcases, bolsters, and bed linen. Clean the items at least once a week or two weeks. This is done to prevent the presence of hair lice in the place.

2. Unable to maintain the health and hygiene of hair

The condition of hair hygiene and hygiene can affect the presence or absence of hair lice. If you can not maintain good health and hair hygiene then the ticks can be more comfortable nest in the head. Do not let your hair is filled with fleas and eggs that make you feel less confident to move outside. Therefore, do wash shampoo regularly to keep hair hygiene. If necessary give vitamins hair to health is also awake as a way to remove hair lice.

3. Selection of less precise shampoo

Shampoo use should be adjusted to the condition of your skin and your hair type, whether oily, moist, dry or what. If you are wrong in choosing a shampoo then it can cause the appearance of dandruff. If this continues to be left then dandruff will be the right nest for hair lice. Therefore, make sure if your hair care product is right as a way to prevent fleas in long hair.

4. Using a rarer headgear

As well as spongy and sprey pillowcases to be washed regularly. Headgear should also be cleaned like a hat, hood, helmet and so forth. Do not let dirty head cover can cause problems on the scalp, such as dandruff. This is the nest for hair lice.

5. Make friends with the owners of hair lice

One of the most frequent ways of transmission is direct contact with those who already have lice. If you feel infected with this flea then most likely if people near you also have those, such as friends or family.

6. The use of alternating towels

Indirect transmission can occur due to the use of goods in turn with those who already have hair lice, including towels. When a towel is used to wipe his hair, then it could be a flea or eggs will stick to the towel. If you use the same towel then the tick will move to your hair.

7. Using comb alternately

Almost the same as the use of towels. The use of comb simultaneously can also transmit this hair louse. It’s just likely to get infected if the comb you use has tight teeth for use in the way of removing head lice.

22 Ways to Easily Eliminate Hair Mite

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The development of the age makes more and more drugs to remove ticks, such as in chalk or other forms. For that we are easier to get the drug and stay using it easily. Using chemicals does not mean abandoning natural ingredients. There are still many natural ingredients that are believed to remove the lice from the hair, even the eggs as well. Here is how to remove hair lice:

1. Benzyl alcohol

Every living thing must need oxygen to survive. This drug will break the oxygen supply for the parasite so they will die. Use of this drug is only allowed for 6 years and over. Side effects that may arise due to the use of this medicine is the itching and red in the scalp. It is strictly forbidden to administer this drug to infants as it will cause severe side effects, such as seizures

2. Malathion

This antiparasitic drug is a shampoo that contains high alcohol and should only be used for people over 6 years old. High alcohol content makes you not allowed to use electric hair dryer or close to fire. How to use can be known from the information contained on the packaging or ask the doctor to be more secure.

3. Lindane

These antiparasitic drugs fall into the category of harsh drugs and prohibited their use for those with a history of convulsions, pregnant women, people with HIV and weighing under 50 kg. To facilitate the way to remove hair ticks you can choose Lindane material in the form of shampoo.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil serves as a lubricant to stop the flea from moving freely and preventing the proliferation of lice. Using coconut oil is the perfect choice for permanently removing lice.
How to get rid of hair lice:

Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar thoroughly then let it dry first

  • Apply coconut oil on scalp and hair
  • Cover head with shower cap or towel
  • Wait 6-8 hours or overnight
  • In the morning, hair and hair combs as usual

For maximum results then repeat this way every day of the week to remove fleas and eggs. You can also add an essential oil of fennel a few drops. Many essential oils you can use, such as clove oil, fennel, nutmeg, neem, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, etc.

5. Mayonaes

These oil-rich ingredients have viscosity properties in which lice will suffocate.
How to use:

  • Apply mayonaes to scalp
  • Close the hair using a shower cap or towel then wait about 8 hours or even overnight
  • Rinse hair with shampoo and comb so that the remaining lice can disappear
  • Repeat this way every day of the week until the ticks disappear.

6. White vinegar

Another way that can be done safely and easily is to use white vinegar. This material has acetic acid capable of destroying lice.
How to use it:

  • Dissolve white vinegar with the same amount of water
  • Apply the mixture to the hair then wrap it in a towel for an hour or two
  • After that comb hair with tight teeth
  • White vinegar can also be used before and after shampooing to maximize the results of hair removal.

7. Mouth wash

Most people are more familiar with mouthwash. This drug is antiseptic that can kill the lice and also make limp hairs as a way to remove hair lice so easy to look for. Beforehand, you should prepare whatever materials you need, such as mouthwash and shower cap or towel.
How to use:

  • Pour a mouthwash into a certain container that has been covered
  • Spritz the drug all over the head until it gets wet
  • Wrap the hair with a towel or shower cap then wait about 2 hours
  • Rinse hair twice to prevent any remnants of the medicine attached to hair
  • Repeat this way in a matter of months for effective results

8. Sesame seed oil

This oil has high antibacterial, antifungal and insecticidal properties. For that, sesame oil can be used as a solution to overcome hair mite.
How to use:

  • Combine 1/4 cup sesame seed oil, 1/8 neem oil, 1 teaspoon tea tree oil, 1½ teaspoon eucalyptus and rosemary essential oil, and lavender essential oil 10 drops
  • Use the mixture to wet the hair and leave it to dry
  • Apply this oil to the hair and cover it with a towel or shower cap and wait one night
  • Comb hair in the morning thoroughly to remove dead lice and then shampoo as usual.

9. Garlic

Who would have thought if the ingredients often used by these mothers have the efficacy to remove hair lice. The aroma is distinctive and so strong that ticks become limp, even to death and permanently lost. There are two methods that can be chosen to apply this material.
How to use it:

  • Blend 8- 10 cloves of garlic and mix with coconut oil or lime juice 2-3 tsp
  • Apply to scalp
  • Wait about 30 minutes
  • Rinse hair with hot water
  • Repeat this routinely for maximum results

How to use it:

  • Combine fresh garlic juice, green tea, lemon extract, and coconut oil or cooking oil
  • Apply the mix on the scalp
  • Wait for 30 minutes
  • Wash hair using hot water
  • Do this routinely for 2 months for the ticks to die soon

10. Olive oil

Oil rich in this benefit is already famous in the world of beauty including how to remove hair lice, as well as for hair care. In addition to smoothing, blackening and thicken the hair, olive oil can also be used to remove the nuisance of hair that is disturbing. Here are two methods to choose from.
How to use 1:

  • Before bedtime, rub the olive oil onto the scalp
  • Wrap the hair with a towel or shower cap and wait all night
  • In the morning, you must comb your hair to remove dead lice
  • Rinse hair with natural shampoo
  • Repeat this step regularly for maximum results.

How to use 2:

  • Apply mixed conditioner and olive oil together with sufficient liquid soap
  • Rub the mixture on the scalp
  • Wait about 1 hour
  • Clean hair using conditioner and hair
  • Comb hair to kill dead lice
  • Repeat this way at least once a week

11. Baby oil

Eliminating fleas without eggs will not solve the problem to the root. It’s useless if the eggs are also not removed because they can hatch. Baby oil is often used to soften baby’s hair was also able to remove the fleas and eggs. In addition, baby oil is also very useful for how to remove hair lice.
How to use:

  • Wipe baby oil on hair and comb hair slowly until the fleece is falling from hair
  • Rinse hair using detergent and hot water
  • Before going to bed, use some white vinegar on the hair and cover it with a towel or shower cap. Leave it overnight
  • In the morning, comb the hair with tight teeth and use conditioner
  • You can do this way at least 3-4 days so the results can be seen immediately.

12. Salt

This one material must always be in the houses as it is an important ingredient of cooking and must be there for every cuisine. In addition to adding flavor, salt also has the property to remove hair lice.
How to use:

  • Mix ¼ cup of vinegar and ¼ cup of salt and stir it evenly
  • Spray the mixture on hair so the hair feels a bit wet. Use a shower cap and wait about 2 hours
  • Rinse hair and wait until dry then comb hair to get dead lice

13. Almond

Almonds are one of the most commonly used ingredients to remove hair mites.
How to use:

  • Soak 10 almonds in water overnight
  • In the morning, peel and puree the almonds until they become thick pastes
  • Add 3 tbsp lemon juice in the paste
  • Apply the paste thoroughly on the scalp
  • Wait for 2 hours
  • Rinse hair thoroughly with cold water
  • Perform this treatment once a week, depending on need

14. Petroleum Jelly

This name is quite foreign to the ears of the layman. This material has a lingering effect on the lice so they will get out of their way and quickly. The use of this material will make the lice suffocate due to blockage of their respiratory hole by removing natures of hair naturally without damaging the hair.
How to use:

  • Apply a thick layer on hair and scalp
  • Cover the hair with a tight stamp shower
  • Wait all night
  • In the morning, you can use baby oil to remove petroleum jelly
  • Wash hair with ordinary shampoo thoroughly
  • If the hair is already dry, comb the hair to ensure that the hair louse is dead by itself
  • In order for maximum results then you can do it once a week
  • Perform steps above 1-2 months to see the results of the changes.

15. Orange orange juice

In addition to its delicious and refreshing taste, this orange juice also serves as a potent nutritious insecticide to loosen lice eggs and kill its fleas as a way to get rid of natures permanently and naturally. How to use:

  • Wet hair first
  • Pour orange juice onto the scalp and leave it for 20-30 minutes
  • Comb hair to remove the flea from death
  • Rinse hair using warm water
  • Do this every day for 2 weeks so that the fleas can disappear with their eggs.

16. Tea tree oil

This natural oil has an effective insecticide property to mite hair fleas. However, make sure if you have already melted the oil before using it.
First use:

  • Combine tea tree oil 1sdt, natural shampoo 1 oz, olive oil or coconut oil 3sdm
  • Apply the mixture to the scalp
  • Wrap the hair with a towel or shower cap for 30 minutes
  • Rinse hair clean with warm water
  • Hair combs for fleas to practice
  • Away this way to get the best results

How to use 2:

  • Combine tea tree oil 1sdt and lavender oil ½ tsp
  • Rub the mixture on the scalp
  • Allow to dry and then wipe hair with warm water
  • Perform this step regularly to make it more effective
  • This oil can be useful as a repellent so will keep the scalp from the presence of lice.

17. Neem leaves / Indian lilac / Neem

This leaves have a very sharp smell that nails will not bite the skin or suck blood from the scalp, even this leaf is able to kill the lice.
How to use 1:

  • Boil a handful of leaves in water and wait about 10 minutes
  • This water is used to rinse hair
  • Repeat this way twice a week for ticks to disappear

How to use 2:

  • Apply neem oil on the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes
  • Comb hair to keep fleas from hair
  • Wrap the hair with a towel or shower cap and leave it overnight
  • In the morning, wash your hair with shampoo as usual
  • Repeat this step every day for 2 weeks

18. Red Onion

Without red onions in cooking may not taste good if it comes with onion. In addition, red onions have other advantages as a way of removing head lice with red onions.
How to use:

  • Puree 4-5 onions with blender to make pasta
  • Put the paste on the sieve and press-press to extract the juice extract only
  • Apply on the head while massaging and then cover the head using shower cap
  • Wait about 2 hours
  • Wash hair with shampoo using shampoo usually
  • Wait for the hair to dry then comb to remove all the fleas
  • Do it again every day for 3 days in a row for maximum results

19. Alcohol

Having heard the word alcohol probably most people will assume that this is a dangerous and intoxicating drink. However, the alcohol here contains 70% isopropyl or absolute alcohol so that it can function in the way of removing hair and egg lice within 1 day.
How to use:

  • Pour the alcohol in a certain container and grab it bit by bit to rub it on the scalp
  • Apply to entire scalp surface using finger
  • Let stand a few minutes
  • Use conditioner and rub on head
  • Comb hair with long teeth to remove all ticks
  • Clean hair with shampoo
  • Perform this treatment once a week until the lice runs out

20. Hairdryer

Right now, almost everyone has their own hairdryer. If hair lice do not go out then use a hair dryer. Based on recent research, modern hair dryers are capable of killing about 55% of the 98% ticks. Therefore, after you shampoo then use a hair dryer to remove the lice.

21. Detergent

Detergent can not be used to kill lice but can shed its eggs from hair. You can mix it with other ingredients, such as hair gel or mayonaes for maximum results.

22. Hair gel

Actually there is not much research that supports the efficacy of this material. It’s just a lot of anecdotal evidence that proves smoothers hair gel as an effective hair louse medicine.
How to use it:

  • Choose a hair gel that fits and then apply. Focus the spread on hair roots.
  • Wrap the hair using a towel or shower cap and leave it overnight
  • Shampoo with shampoo as usual
  • Comb immediately to get the ticks off

4 Ways to Prevent Hair Lice

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Prevention is better than cure. This is the word we often hear. Before experiencing or having a hair louse then you need to do the prevention. It would be uncomfortable if every time you had to scratch your head because of the lice. This often makes us feel shy and lack confidence. Therefore, take the following precautions:

1. Avoid direct head contact

One way of transmitting hair lice is the direct contact between a person’s hair with a hair that has lice. For that, if you know any friends or people around who have fleas then do not put heads on their heads so lice do not move.

2. Check for the presence of ticks on a regular basis

Detecting the presence of lice should be done routinely so that the handling can also be done earlier so the tick does not have time to multiply as a way of removing fleas in long hair

3. Keep distance with those who have hair lice

There is no need to stay away from friends or family who have fleas but you have to know how to keep a distance so as not to get infected with fleas.

4. Do not share stuff

transmission does not only occur through direct contact with her hair but also through intermediaries. Do not use items such as towels, sprey, comb and others with those who have lice because the contagion can occur.
Hair lice may not give too much danger, it’s just quite disturbing activity because the scalp always feels itchy. Confidence can be reduced because the hair that has lice will be regarded as a lazy person or do not care about the cleanliness of his body. Therefore, treat your hair with as much as possible so as not to catch hair ticks.

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