38 Natural Ways to Eliminate Eye Pouches

The eye is a window of self in which we can understand a person through his eyes. If we have eye bags pandas eye alias it will disturb the view on the face so it must be immediately over the top through various ways. Here are some explanations about eye bags so we can understand what to do for how to remove eye bags easily.

What’s an Eye Pouch?

According to a study conducted by a Department of Dermatology from a prominent University in Brazil, apparently there are various causes why these eye bags or panda eyes can emerge from natural processes such as aging or genetically obvious factors that can not be prevented until the habits Bad like a negative lifestyle. Before that, what exactly is the eye bag?

Eye sac is also commonly referred to as puffy eyes, in English Puffy Eyes . The eye bag is a black circle under the eyes. The appearance of this dark circle due to the occurrence of swelling in the eyes due to several factors. One of them because the layer in the eye area is so thin, in contrast to the structure and layers of other areas of the complex skin. This is what makes the eye area more easily swell.

17 Types Cause of Eye Pouch

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One of the most common causes of eye bags that can appear in the area around your eyes is sleep deprivation. Indeed most people who like to stay up would suddenly have an eye bag

. Even so apparently not only lack of sleep to be the cause, there are still many other causes. By knowing the cause is certainly then we can choose how to cope with the right so that eye bags can be reduced or even eliminated. The following are some of the causes of panda eye:

1. Lifestyle

Lifestyle becomes an important factor for us to have a healthy body with an attractive appearance. Therefore, poor lifestyle also causes the occurrence of eye bags. The habit of drinking alcohol and smoking can make the veins under the eyes to be seen more clearly. Especially if it is not balanced by consuming lots of water, vegetables and fruits.

2. Removes make up too hard

Using makeup in the eyes might help us to get an eye appealing. But, the use of eyeliner and mascara the waterproof sometimes make us feel difficult to eliminate it. Even many remover that can not remove the rest of the cosmetics well so it must be replaced with cleansing oil.

Cleansing oil makes it easier for us to eliminate makeup in waterproof eyes so we do not have to press the eye hard. Use this cleansing oil while giving a gentle massage to the eye area and avoid excessive pressure to avoid dark circles. Many types of cleansing oil can be selected but it would be better if you choose cleansing oil type of gentle so as not to irritate the eyes and to avoid the occurrence of irritation.

3. The position of the head is flat with the body when sleeping

The wrong sleeping position turns out to cause dark circles to the eye area. No need to stay up to make that circle. Adequate sleep can also cause eye bags if the head is flat with the body. Therefore, position the head is higher than the foot so that body fluids become smoothly so it does not accumulate into eye bags. Do not be added by staying up late because the circle of your eye bags can become thicker and look tired.

4. Rubbed the eyes

This habit may often occur in both women and men. But who would have thought if rubbed his eyes was able to cause the occurrence of eye bags. Most people rubbed their eyes because they feel that after rubbed, the eyes become more relaxed so tired and sleepiness seemed to disappear for a while. But if rubbed the eyes done so often it can damage the small capillaries in the eye area and dark circles arise. This happens because of the pressure of the fingers that will stimulate the production of melanin which can change the color of the skin pigment to darkness.

5. Lazy use sunscreen and does not protect the under eye area

Many people do not care about health around the eyes. Though the use of sunscreen is very important for skin health. If the skin is protected from UV rays it can reduce the negative effects that can cause the area under the eyes to be darker. For that, choose a sunscreen that can be used in the area under the eyes. But be careful when you want to use it, do not get too close to the eyes in because it can cause irritation.

6. Anemia and stress

Lack of blood or anemia becomes one of the causes of dark circles under the eyes. Especially if you often feel stressed then dark circles will be getting black is not healthy.

7. Allergies

Certain allergies can make the blood flow around the sinus to increase. In general, skin allergies like this will be accompanied by symptoms of itching in the eye area then they will rubbed or scratched the eyes. Though this way will cause the eyes become blackened, although black in this eye as a form of self-defense mechanism due to irritation dikucek and carded. Therefore, avoid scratching and rubbing in the eye area if itchy, just touch slowly.

8. Age factor

Aging is sure to happen to everyone. Physical changes will accompany increasing age and one of the physical changes is the emergence of a blackened eye bag. As you get older, your collagen content in your body also decreases and the skin under the eyes will begin to loosen, shrink and thin. For that, the black-colored blood vessels will be easily visible. But you can delay this happening in various ways to look younger.

9. Nutrient intake

The body needs minerals and various substances to support health and appearance. Deficiency of iron and minerals can reduce the supply of oxygen and cause eye bags. In fact, the balance of nutrients will also be disrupted if you often eat fast food. Therefore, multiply the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables as a way of removing eye bags naturally.

10. Dehydration

Needs of fluid in the body that is not met can make the blood circulation is not smooth. This will also affect the blood vessels that exist beneath the eye area. For that, drink water in accordance with the needs and not to experience deficiency or dehydration because the fulfillment of this fluid is also able to get rid of acne with the scars quickly.

11. Kidney problems

Black eyes turn out to be an indication if your health is in trouble, such as problems in the kidney. For that, if the emergence of a black bag that is accompanied by health problems then immediately consult a doctor.

12. Heredity

Hereditary factors can also be the cause of the occurrence of eye bags. Although this dark circle caused by offspring does not mean it can not be lost. There are several ways you can do to whiten the circle, it’s just that you have to be prepared also if the way is not successful because usually eye bags because of this heredity is more difficult to remove.

13. Menstruation and pregnancy

Usually women will need more iron intake when menstruating or getting pregnant. When this nutritional intake is not met then it can cause a blackened circle in the area under the eye. Some foods that can be consumed during menstruation or pregnancy include green vegetables, poultry, wheat, meat, beans, and fish.

14. Effect of drug

Some drugs can cause larger blood vessels, as well as sleeping pills. Basically, the skin layer in the lower area of ​​the eye is thinner than the other skin so that the blood flow becomes more visible so the eye bags will look as if they are black. To prevent this from happening, then choose the drug selectively and do not be too dependent on drugs, especially chemicals because it can interfere with kidney health.

15. Cry

Surely you often find people with puffy, swollen and blackened eyes for crying for a long time. This is because crying too much causes the area under the eyes blackened and swollen due to trapped fluid. So when you feel sad, do not torture yourself for regrets will arise, especially if the eye bags become more visible.

16. Hyperpigmentation

Excessive pigmentation can lead to the emergence of black eye bags. Pressing the surface of the skin can help us to find out if there are symptoms of hyperpigmentation. If when you press the black color does not disappear then certainly if there is something wrong with the pigment in the eye area. But, no need to worry because there is a turmeric mask that is able to reduce pigmentation and flatten the skin color so it can be used as a way to remove eye bags quickly and easily.

17. Make up excess

Naturally, women use makeup because they want to always look beautiful in front of others. However, if the makeup is not immediately removed it can cause irritation to the skin so that will arise blackened area under the eyes and even become swollen. Of course you do not want your appearance broken only with blackened eye bags.

Well, that’s the cause of the occurrence of an eye bag that you might not know about all of you. The above causes may not be all of you, but only a few. After knowing the exact cause you can avoid these behaviors or habits so that the eyes of the panda is not getting worse. With one cause we can have eye bags are quite menggangggu, especially with the combination of causes, the eyes will be more severe panda and dark circles will be more visible.

Therefore, immediately do the right treatment, no need to use chemical drugs because there are natural ingredients that can help us in how to remove eye bags quickly.

23 ways to overcome the most effective eye bags

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Who would have thought if it turns out the way to overcome the eye bags is not as difficult as we think because the material used is also easy to find, such as natural ingredients. In addition to easy to obtain, these ingredients also have a content that can be used as a way to remove eye bags with a fast time. Here are some ways you can do to remove eye bags:

1. Get enough rest

Adequate rest is very important to maintain our health and look to always look fresh. In general, each person takes 8 hours per night to rest with maximum. It’s just that some people ignore the need to rest this so that the eye bags arise. If you want to do a way to remove these eye bags then get used to sleeping on time to get enough rest.

But what about people who have many tasks like office or schoolwork? When a lot of work or school work then immediately finish in order to sleep early or get to bed so the next morning can get up early and continue the work. The right time to prepare for sleep is at 9 to 10 pm. When you sleep more than 10 o’clock the eye bags will appear with certainty because your rest time is reduced. Not just for the look, adequate rest can help us maintain body health as well. Soluble sleep habits can cause some non-mild illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

2. Green tea bag

Not only regular teabags can help us in removing eye bags, but also green tea bags. The trick is also easy as usual tea dye, namely by:

  • Prepare the remaining bag of green tea that has been used
  • Compress the green tea bag in the eye bag
  • Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes
  • After that, rinse face with clean water

3. Ice cubes

Ice cubes are often used to add freshness in drinks. But who would have thought if the material is often encountered is able to help us in overcoming panda eyes. Actually, ice cubes have been known for a long time to overcome various beauty problems, such as removing blackheads, as well as how to remove eye bags. The easiest and most effective way is to compress the bottom of the eye with ice cubes. Here’s how:

  • Break ice cubes into small pieces and use a clean towel or cloth to wrap ice cubes. Try if the fabric used has a fine texture.
  • Tie the ends and attach them to both eyes for about 10 minutes. But 10 minutes is not given directly, but there are pauses several times.

Another way that can also be done is to insert ice cubes in a container and then insert a clean towel or cloth into the ice cube container. Then squeeze and then compress to the bottom of the eye about 10 minutes as well. This method must also be done with pause.

4. Sleep quality

Beneficial sleep is quality sleep. Many people feel that if they already meet bedtime but eye bags still appear. Sleep is not just sleep but we have to make sure that sleep is quality, even with a while we can get good sleep quality. To find out if your sleep is quality or not, then feel when you wake up from sleep, if you feel fresh if you sleep, ]

5. Used dyed tea

Materials that are not used any can be used to remove the eyes of the panda, the test dye used. Some of you might like to take a dye test and throw away the test if it does not now. But, now do not throw it away because it can be useful for beauty. Although this method has been done for a long time but still many people who use this tea bag until now.

In fact, not only as a way of removing eye bags but also can overcome blackheads and acne. The content of tannin substances in it able to maintain the flexibility of the skin, protecting the skin from various bacteria destroy the skin and also maintain the leastisitas skin. Tannin is a polyphenol compound that makes the test feel a bit bitter. Here is how to use tea bags:

  • Provide two dyed teabags. Before using it, soak the teabag first in cold water.
  • Put the tea bag in the eye area and leave it for 10 minutes or 15 minutes.
  • Do this every day before bed until the eyes of the panda begin to fade.

6. Cucumber

It’s no secret if cucumbers are useful for beauty. Some of the benefits of cucumber include lightening the face, reduce excess oil production on the face, and also remove eye bags. This is because cucumber contains some substances such as vitamin C, ascorbic acid, caffeic acids and water content is high enough to be able to overcome various skin problems, irritation, or eye bags. Here’s how to use it:

  • Wash off one fresh cucumber
  • Cut the cucumber round and make it smaller on its part
  • Put the piece of cucumber on both eyes
  • Leave on for 20 minutes

Another way you can also do that is to smooth the cucumber with a blender after peeled and washed clean. Then put the finely ground cucumber into a clean, thin cloth. Compress the eye bag for about 15 minutes then wipe the face with water.

7. Potato

In addition to being used as a foodstuff, potatoes can also be used to maintain the beauty. Potatoes have a high content of phosphoric acid and citric acid so it is useful to reduce inflammation and maintain skin elasticity. Here’s how to use it:

  • Peel and clean potatoes until there is no potato sap
  • Blend the potatoes until smooth
  • Put the already smooth potatoes into a clean and soft sac
  • Compress the cloth on both eyes for 15 minutes
  • Rinse face with clean water and dry with clean towel

8. Spoon

Maybe you’ll wonder how spoons can eliminate a bag. Apparently, this method has been used since the first and proved effective so no doubt for the benefits. How to remove eye bags with a spoon is:

  • Insert 5 to 10 spoons into the refrigerator
  • Wait until the spoon is completely cold
  • If it is cold then attach the spoon to both eyes. Use the curved spoon and let stand for 15 minutes.

9. Water and salt

Another material that can also be used as a way of removing eye bags is a mixture of water and salt. The trick is so easy that you can do yourself at home, as follows:

  • Mix 1 liter of warm water with salt of ½ tsp.
  • Stir the mixture until the salt is completely dissolved into warm water.
  • After that, dip the cotton ball into the warm water mixture with the salt
  • Compress the cotton ball at the under eye area
  • Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes and do this routinely every day for panda eyes to disappear quickly.

10. Olive oil

Who does not know the oil of this million benefits. Not only for health, this oil is also well known in the world of beauty, including in removing eye bags with a powerful and fast. Content in this oil is able to maintain skin moisture, maintain skin health and other benefits for the skin. How to remove eye bags with olive oil is very easy that is by applying the oil on the area under the eyes before sleep. When you wake up then have a face to face with plain water. Do it this way routinely until the eyes of the panda begin to fade and eventually eliminate.

11. Bengkoang

Bengkoang has been used since a long time as one of the ingredients in various cosmetics or facial and skin care products. Some benefits bengkoang in the world of beauty, among others, brighten the face. This is due to various vitamins and other content contained in bengkoang so as to maintain healthy skin. The existence of vitamin B1 and vitamin C make bengkoang can also be used to remove panda eyes. Here’s how to remove eye bags with bengkoang:

  • Peel bengkoang and wash thoroughly
  • Blender bengkoang with grated or to make it easier with blender
  • Insert the smooth bengkoang into the cloth then compress the cloth on both eyes about 10 to 15 minutes. After that, rinse the face thoroughly.

12. Lime and lemon

Lemon and lemon are already so popular in the world of beauty because it can overcome various skin problems, as well as panda eye problems. This is because vitamin C is high enough in lemon and lime make it can eliminate dark circles in the area under the eyes. How to use it easily enough that by cutting lemon or lime in a circle and then paste it on the second part of the eye about 10 to 15 minutes.

13. Milk

Milk is more often used to whiten skin, smooth the skin and to remove eye bags. The trick is very easy that is by dipping the cotton in milk and then apply the cotton under the blackened eyes. Allow to dry then rinse with clean and flowing water.

14. Aloe Vera

Nowadays, aloe vera is one of the natural ingredients that can be used for various needs, such as maintaining health, beauty and even can be processed into a food as well. In the world of beauty, aloe vera is also often used as a basic ingredient because of the benefits to be given, such as how to remove panda eyes. How to use it is:

  • Aloe vera with medium size
  • Split crocodile heresy into two parts
  • Rub the gels on the bottom of the blackened eye
  • Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse and wash with a soft towel.

15. Egg white

In addition to tasty to eat, egg whites also have various properties in beauty, such as eliminating blackheads and tighten the face. While the usefulness to remove eye bags is not yet known by many people but no need to be doubted for its efficacy. Here’s how to use egg whites to remove eye bags:

  • Separate the egg whites from the yolks
  • Apply an egg white on the blackened part of the eye with a brush
  • Leave for 20 minutes or until dry then rinse with clean and flowing water.

16. Honey

Who is not familiar with this efficacious ingredient? Khasiatnya not only famous for health, but also for beauty. Honey has the ability to regenerate the skin so that when applied to the eye bags, the skin in the area will be regenerated so that it can become brighter again. How to remove eye bags with honey is very easy that is by applying honey on the eye bags and leave for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water. Maximum results will be obtained if doing this way at night before bed.

17. Almond oil

Another material that can also be used to remove panda eyes is almond oil. Khasiatnya is due to the content of vitamin K, vitamin E and other substances that are useful for beauty. Here’s how to use it:

  • Spread almond oil on the bottom of the blackened eye using cotton
  • Do this before bedtime at night
  • When you wake up tomorrow, wash your face with clean water

18. Oil witch hazel

For some people it may sound unfamiliar with the term material of this one. But this material is able to remove eye bags and you can find it in various beauty stores. How to use it as follows:

  • Insert a cotton ball on a container already containing this oil
  • Apply cotton ball to blackened eye bag
  • Wait for 10 minutes then rinse with clean water.

19. Water

Everyone has different water needs depending on the activity he or she performs. However, the benefits of this white water need not be doubted. It is believed that water can help us to remove eye bags. The trick is very easy that is by consuming enough water to meet the needs of fluids in the body. In general, we are required to drink at least 8 glasses per day to maintain skin lightening and overcome various skin problems, including panda eyes.

20. Licorice

Still not many know if we can eliminate panda eye with licorice. Professional makeup reveals if licorice extract in rice is able to overcome blackened eye bags. For that, you can use the former rice water washing water to mengompreskannya on eye bags for 10 minutes. After that, clean face with clean water. Besides as a way of removing panda eyes, this material can also brighten and whiten facial skin.

21. Yoghurt

In addition to having a delicious flavor, yoghurt is also beneficial in the world of beauty, such as eliminating the blackened panda eyes. How to use it is easy enough that is:

  • Prepare yogurt sufficiently.
  • Apply on eye bags with brushes.
  • Leave on for 15 minutes and do before bedtime.
  • No need to rinse with water but just wipe it with a clean cloth so the juice on the yoghurt can still seep in the eye bag.
  • After a new morning you can wash your face with plain water.

22. Avoid a lot of salt

On how to remove the eyes of other pandas, it is advisable to use salt with warm water then why now we are asked to avoid a lot of salt? The point of salt here is the salt we consume. Eating foods with excessive salt content makes it easier for us to become dehydrated and eventually emerge blackened areas at the bottom of the eye.

23. Coffee grounds

For those of you who like to consume coffee, for now do not throw the dregs because it turns out coffee grounds have the benefit to remove panda eyes and eyes puffy. This material has been used since a long time in the world of beauty. How to use it:

  • Prepare the coffee grounds where the water has been drunk
  • Wait for coffee dregs overnight, then put coffee grounds in clean and thin cloth
  • Compress the cloth on eye bags for 20 minutes
  • Rinse with clean water and do this way three times a week.

7 Ways to remove eye bags with beauty products

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In addition to using natural materials, actually using the manufacturer’s products can also be done, though this way into a second solution. The following tips:

1. Facial soap

Nowadays many emerging special soap products for facials can remove eye bags. However, you should make sure that the soap is in accordance with the condition or type of skin of your face. Choose a soap that is also beneficial to brighten the skin so that the black color on the eye bags can fade a little bit by bit.

2. Retinol cream

As mentioned above, aging becomes one of the causes of the emergence of eye bags so you have to find an appropriate solution. Retinol cream is able to overcome the eye bags due to age is getting old and eliminate symptoms of aging in this eye. You can find this kind of cream in trusted beauty shops.

3. Moisturizer

This beauty product is useful for cleansing the face and brightens the face, not to miss to remove the blackened part under the eyes. However, you must accompany this way with adequate rest because one of the causes of the panda eye is the lack of rest time. Do this way until the black color in the eyebrows fades away.

4. Concealer

This type of makeup tool is often used for women who have visible panda eyes. Concealer can be one way to cover the eyes of the panda quickly. How to use it in the corner of the eye area, near the nose, outside the eye line and the edge of the nose. Makeup tool is able to disguise the eyes of the panda but do not rely too much on makeup because in fact we just cover, not eliminate. This is how to effectively disguise the eye bags in a day.

5. Eye cream

If we do not want busy with making various ingredients or ingredients to eliminate panda eye, then this eye cream can be one solution. Only, you should be careful in choosing eye cream and make sure if the cream contains collagen that is beneficial to the skin. The content of collagen alone may not be enough so choose also cream containing vitamin C. This cream is usually used before bed by putting it under the eyes. On the next day, immediately rinse face with plain water then dry with a clean cloth. Finding eye cream with collagen is not easy so when you do not find it then use fruits that contain collagen, like tomatoes, blueberries or strawberries.

6. Sunscreen

Most people only recognize sunscreen as a protective skin from the sun, but it turns out this cream can also be used as a way to remove panda eyes due to solar radiation. Apply the cream on the blackened part of the eye when morning or afternoon.

7. Medicine

Blood pressure can cause panda eyes, so when you want to remove panda eyes it must heal or reduce blood pressure with medicine. In addition to drugs, consume fresh fruits and vegetables that can lower blood pressure, minimize stress and also maintain a healthy body. But as much as possible if not taking chemical drugs with too often because it can also result in kidney health.

8 Way how to avoid bag under your eye

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Here are some practical tips to avoid dark circles under your eyes if you do not want the eye bags to appear again:

1.  Remove make up gently and slowly. Sometimes, many women find it difficult to want to remove makeup so they remove it roughly to make up immediately disappear. But this way will only cause swelling around the eyes.
2. Avoid rubbing the eyes because the lower part of the eye has a thinner skin with sprinkling can further dilute the skin layer, impaired skin elasticity and reduced collagen.
3. Make sure your sleeping position is in the right condition. Try to sleep in the supine position and do not get accustomed to stacking pillows.
4. Use sunglasses when outdoors to keep the eyes protected from the sun. However, make sure if the sunglasses are selected with UV400 code or have UV absorption of about 99-100%.
5. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages because these drinks can make our skin becomes drier so vulnerable to damage when accidentally rubbed. If you already drink alcohol then immediately drink water as much as 1 liter to prevent dehydration of the skin.
6. Leave the habit of smoking because smoking can eliminate collagen from the skin so the eye bags will get worse.
7. Take control of your allergies because usually if allergies occur then the eyes will be itchy and watery, thus increasing your chances of rubbing them.
8. Use care products around the eyes to be fresher. Customize the product ingredients with your skin type so as not to cause problems later on.

So many ways can be done to remove the eye bags for the display can be more interesting again. Not necessarily all this way done, especially at the same time. Choose one or more ways that fit the cause of the eye bags. In addition, know in advance what kind of skin you have for the selected material does not cause allergies or incompatibility with skin types.

Only then do that way regularly until the black color on the area of ​​the eyes fading. Maximum results can be obtained by doing this way at night before bed. Do not just do the treatment but also do prevention by staying away from bad habits such as frequent staying up, smoking, drinking is not enough and so forth. Balance with a healthy lifestyle then the beautiful glowing eyes you will get.

Let me know if im wrong about it, any question hit me a reply by comment. Thanks

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