5 Powerful Ways to Eliminate Acne With Natural Traditional Materials

How to get rid of acne with natural ingredients – If it is acne growing diwajah certainly deh many women who would stress mikirinnya. acne is annoying, but can not make confidence, the presence of ilfeel men make, the face should be smooth clean so not good to be seen. Well, before the acne getting worse and spread everywhere, it would be nice to overcome ladies. a lot of how powerful and fast way to overcome acne, one of them in the traditional way of natural.

Maybe from you still not so sure with acne treatment in the traditional way. But you need to know, that there are some natural ingredients that can cure acne. although the results are not as fast as using products or medications from expert Doctors, but the use of natural ingredients is very safe. In order for acne lost with natural ingredients, of course We also must be patient and painstaking to take care of him. Okay go ahead, here are some ways to get rid of acne with natural ingredients.

How To Eliminate Acne With Natural Materials

 how to get rid of acne with natural ingredients 1. Peel of oranges </strong> <br /> Whether it may be strange also yes, the leather age oranges can get rid of pimples Ah Ah not possible Eits .. do not skeptical first, the fact orange Lemon has a high Vitamin C and acidic substances that are very helpful for the process of healing acne.Moreover the use of natural materials is not expensive really, so not no harm to try. </p>
<p> For the way of making it not difficult-very difficult. The first you just need an orange peel that has been dried in the sun. when it is dry, then you mash until it becomes smooth as dust grain. Once smooth, add enough water and stir again until smooth. If the mortar has formed a paste, then please apply all over your spotty face. Let it paste for 15 minutes, last rinse well using cold water. </p>
<p> <strong> 2. Turmeric </strong> <br /> No one knows that this yellow can get rid of acne. How come? he said ya ya according to experts that Turmeric can treat acne because it contains antiseptic inside which can eradicate the bacteria that cause acne appears. turmeric is also good for preventing acne coming again. Home there turmeric right? so there's nothing wrong we make. </p>
<p> How to grab a turmeric then puree using a belender. well if it is smooth stay added with enough water, and apply on the pimples on your face it. Do not be in the first turmer natural turmeric, let it stick for 10 minutes. the last new deh washed. </p>
<p> If you are lazy to soften turmeric, you can buy turmeric that has become powder in the market. </p>
<p> <strong> 3. Lemon </strong> <br /> Fruit that tastes this acid can ngilangin acne also anyway. How could that be? Because eh because the acid content in lemon is believed to eliminate acne and kill the bacteria that cause acne. You know, if the acne appears because the bacteria that stick in the pores of skin mixed with facial oil, so it must be at the disposal of acne bacteria. Well Lemon works that way. </p>
<p> how to make it easy. You just stick a slice of Lemon fruit right on that annoying pimple, and wait for a few minutes. Done, simple right? eh wash clean do not forget </p>
<p> <span style= : Acne Removal Remedies At Quick and Powerful Pharmacies [1945909]

4. Apple Vinegar for acne
Apple vinegar what is it? Which apples are dipukain or how? hehe. if you want to know apple vinegar please look for aja deh on google, because in this article admin not discuss about Apple vinegar. that must be Apple vinegar has a property also to eliminate acne, because natural astringen and antibiotiknya can be an effective drug for acne. Apple vinegar can also eradicate the bacteria in the face so the cause of acne because of antiseptic content in it. and the benefits are very helpful to balance the pH of the skin so that germs and bacteria will be difficult to develop in the pores of the face.

how to use it easy to buanget, you just just apply apple vinegar on your stubborn acne. Inget, apply on acne aja yes, not the whole face. wait until 15 minutes, freshly washed until clean. Recommended after apple vinegar to treat acne, use mouizturiser to keep your skin dry

5. Cucumber
Well lalapan favorite admin it was also able to treat acne, hehe. Cucumber hemorrhoids contained a good anti-inflammatory for acne, how it works by mengempeskan acne and reduce inflammation in acne. Just like Apple vinegar, cucumber also contains natural astringen which can help reduce redness in acne. In addition, the use of cucumber mask for acne makes us relax.

For the making is very easy. Take 1 cucumber then sliced ​​thinly. Well next you put first into the cucumber refrigerator that has been dirirs earlier, leave for 1 hour. If it is finished, paste the cold cucumber slices on your pimples and wait for about 10 minutes. Kalu cucumber was already warm, replace again with a cold cucumber. Easy right?

dah aja first wrote our first discussion on how to get rid of acne with natural ingredients. Remember yes, using natural materials that is a long process, it takes patience and kerutinan in doing maintenance. if you want to recover quickly overnight (may not be rich), you should come to the dermatologist, because the expert knows how acne conditions you suffered. bye

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