Confused To Makeup? Come on this 7 Korean Make Up Trends

Korean make-up style – Korea is often a country with unique and different styles. The cute and youthful look is the hallmark of makeup trends in Korea. Many artists and K-pop who look cute and adorable very different from the actual age. This phenomenon is a trend and make up the Korean style followed by many countries.

Korea has always featured a cute, cute, and feminine side that makes anyone love it. But the trend of make up must always evolve and rotate following an old pattern. It could be an appearance that this year seemed old-fashioned then in the next year will be a trend. Often people compete to show different sides.

In previous years Korea has had many makeup trends like aegyo sal or smile eyes. Agyo sal is a fat under the eyes that is often seen when someone smiles. Generally aegyo sal is owned by many women in Asia, agyo sal is not a panda eye ladies but like the folds in the eye bringing a cute and funny impression on someone.

This Aegyo sal makes someone look more cute and younger, so many women in korea are using makeup to form this agyo sal because sometimes agyo sal is not so visible especially when the eyes are often tired. Selian we also hear the trend of big eyes, a small nose is sharp, moist skin, gradient lips and so on. How do these Korean make-up trends, maybe you can apply it to make the appearance look more cute. Want to know how to see reviews below.

1. Dewy skin

These days dewy skin has become a Korean make-up trend. Where dewy skin will make the face look glowing, flawless, and smooth. This makeup will show skin that looks younger and healthier. Even many Korean actresses are applying this makeup.

However, this makeup is less suitable for oily skin because the effect of this makeup will give the impression of a moist face so like oily ladies so the result is not good if our skin is oily. Instead the makeup is perfect for dry and normal skin to look fresher and avoid dehydration.

How to get dewy skin skin is to apply BB cream and CC cream, and oil based foundation does not need to add powder afterwards so that the skin seems moist and chewy

The weakness of dewy skin is when you are outdoors will make the face look more oily for use outside the room more appropriate use matte makeup.

This matte makeup does not give the impression of glow on the face so that its application is more using powder powder. This matte makeup will be very helpful for ladies who have oily skin and outdoor activities.

2. Pupy eyes

" Pupy eyes and feminine cat eyes become the next korean make up trends.Actually the two make ups are almost just differentiated Sweeping strokes at the end of the eyelids Pupy eyes will give the impression of the eyes that appear wide, cute, and always smile while cat eyes give an impression of adorable, smooth and feminine Because pupy eyes are difficult to apply so that many women start to use this eye paint Their new

3. Long eyelashes

" Eyelashes will add sharp and wide impression on the eyes.From year to year long eyelash trend has always been a make up trend of the world Long eyelashes will make the eyes look fresher and feminine, but for a more natural impression you can use long but thin eyelashes that have a cute and natural impression.When western makeup of thick and long eyelashes such as barby dolls are very popular But if in korea the use of makeup to display the side of cute and youthful so it is not too prominent and looks natural.

4. Aegyo sal

" As mentioned above Agyo sal is a fold or fat under the eyes that gives the impression of cute and innocent to someone. Sal or eye smile is very different from panda eyes are black and sunken Aegyo sal obtained through makeup and surgery You can see examples of aegyo sal on korean actress like Yoona SNSD and Kim tae heeyang is famous for having a very beautiful smile Aegyo sal also Make a person’s face look friendly and adorable.How, do you want to have this aegyo sal?

5. Gradient lips

" Gradient lips has become very popular in Korea these days, makeup looks like a natural red lip look where the inner side of the lips Has a redder color than the outer side of the lips.Same thing with neon lips which was popular in korea where it gives the impression of a fuller lips look more likely to be replaced with bright lips style that gives the impression of a natural and slender on the lips with a soft color so that Does not give the impression thick on the aunt and the lips look thinner and cuter.

6. Straight eyebrow

" Not only lips, eyes and eyelashes that need attention, but eyebrows are also very important.Lately eyebrow became Popular in Korea as the name suggests straight eyebrow gives the look of an eyebrow that looks straight and impeccably neat but may be different from the current trend that is replaced with rounder shapes eyebrow which gives the impression of more feminine and for you who have curved eyebrows need not bother- Dizziness changed the shape of your eyebrows.

7. Double eyelid

Double eyelids will have a cute, wide, and cheerful eye effect so that these double eyelids become one of trends of makeup in Korea as well as in much of Asia. Double eyelids can be owned with makeup or plastic surgery. Double eyelids are also partly owned naturally but sometimes only one of the eyes. If in Korea double eyelids are considered as a beauty so many people who want it.

Those are some Korean makeup trends, one of which may inspire ladies to apply them so that ladies will look more cute and youthful like Korean women. But the true beauty will radiate from the heart when the heart is always happy then the natural beauty will radiate by itself.

If you want to apply it make sure it suits your character so even though using makeup keeps showing your natural beauty. In addition, if using makeup make sure to always clean the face properly because the remaining makeup left behind will make skin prone acne.

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