Fast And Healthy! 32 Ways to Raise the Body

Raising the Body Naturally Better Than Drug Or Surgery


How to elevate the body naturally would be better and healthier than taking drugs or plant supplements. In addition to heredity, usually a person’s height or not is influenced by the pattern of life and diet. For this one problem we can have to get the desired height. Height is closely related to bone health. So, when we want to get the appropriate height it can be started by maintaining bone health and optimizing the intake of nutrients that can help the development of bone well.

This bone growth is not always possible, there are times when the bone can not grow or its growth has reached its maximum. For childhood to adolescence, around the age of 12 to 18 years of bone growth can still be optimized even better, even for you aged 25 to 30 years can still lho to elevate the body if it is felt that is still high today. So, for you who still have a chance to get the ideal height, do not waste it.

In addition to the natural way and using improvement medicine, there are other ways to elevate the body with surgery, abroad this is also possible. But the operation is done in a way that ‘hurt’ you know, and certainly super expensive. People who want their bodies to be higher are forced to undergo a procedure where both legs must be broken and stretched slowly. From the explanation alone is very painful, especially if run right … scary yes guys! If you guys are brave?

8 Healthy Lifestyle For Rapidly Raising Body & Nature


Having a healthy lifestyle not only positively affects the body’s health but also the well-preserved beauty. Before doing ways to get height then make sure if your lifestyle is healthy, such as:

1. Enough Rest

After doing all day activities, give time for your body to rest for the next day can be more optimal activity again. Make sure if your body gets enough rest time because if less rest can cause chaotic thoughts and health becomes easily distracted. Keep in mind that adequate rest is not judged by quantity but by the quality of the break itself. Examples of cases, there are people who sleep more than 8 hours but after the body woke up instead of fresh even become weak, otherwise there is only have less sleep time of 8 hours but they feel fit when waking up. That’s the difference between the quantity and quality of sleep.

2. Make Sure Health

Regular body health checking is necessary to know how our health condition really is. There are some diseases that do not have symptoms or symptoms initially not felt so by examination we can find out whether there are symptoms of certain diseases that can be treated immediately. Check with your physician and dentist regularly.

3. Health Evaluation of Social Relations

Life is not solely about ourselves, but with others because we are social beings. Having a good relationship with others, like family, neighbors, friends and so on makes us have a more open mind. In addition, who is near us will affect our lifestyle so you also have to know whether the people around you are giving a positive influence or even negative.

4. Bad Habits

Many people are not aware of the dangers of the habits that do, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, consumption of drugs and so forth. This bad habit not only can bring disease but also can bring death to the culprit. Therefore, avoid bad habits and start to have a healthy lifestyle.

5. Evaluation of Everyday Physical Activity

Setting goals to improve a healthy lifestyle is very important to maintain our consistency towards a healthy lifestyle. Evaluation will give us an idea of ​​how our physical activity has been, whether more moving or just silent and lazy to move. In this way you will know where your health problems arise.

6. Healthy Food Consumption

How to elevate the body naturally is also supported from a healthy diet. Healthy eating becomes one of the indicators that we have a healthy lifestyle as well. By eating healthy foods we will also get a positive energy to perform various daily activities.

7. Food Evaluation Consumed

Food becomes a nutritional intake that is essential for the health of the body. Look back at what foods you often eat, whether the food is healthy or not, whether it meets the nutritional needs or not and so forth. Evaluation of food consumed this makes us aware that the health of whether or not the food will directly affect our health.

8. Control And Manage Stress Well

Psychological conditions also affect our body’s health. Therefore, you must know when you are angry and what might make you angry so you can avoid it. In addition, you must also know how to restore your positive feelings. By managing good emotions you will not experience excessive stress.

Fulfill 4 Nutrition Intake For Healthy Body Elevation


What we consume is very influential in the fulfillment of nutrition or nutrient intake for the body so it can affect our health and fitness. Fill the nutrients below to support bone growth:

1. Calcium

Calcium is an excellent substance for bone growth to become stronger and grow faster. In addition, calcium is also useful for healthy teeth so as not easily porous. Some foods and beverages containing calcium include soybeans, figs, shrimp, tofu, tempeh, yogurt, milk, cheese, sesame seeds, bananas, spinach, radishes and so on.

2. Mineral

Make sure if your body does not suffer from mineral deficiency if you want height increase. In general, the human body needs about 8 glasses of mineral per day or 1.5 liters of minerals. Do not let your body get dehydrated because it will be harmful to health. The fulfillment of water in the body to make water-soluble vitamins can dissolve and processed in the body so we will look more fresh and health awake. This is how to elevate the age of 20 years.

3. Protein

Protein-rich foods can increase your height. With the help of amino acids, these substances will help improve body cells and stimulate body growth. Protein itself is divided into two parts, namely vegetable protein consisting of broccoli, soybeans, rice, potatoes, almonds, wheat and so forth, then there is animal protein consisting of cheese, fish in general, cow’s milk, chicken breast, eggs, Beef, tuna fish and so forth.

4. Vitamins

A complete vitamin intake helps you to achieve the ideal height. Most foods that contain vitamins with complete fruits, such as red dragon vitamin-rich fruit. Although now, you can get this vitamin intake in the form of tablets or capsules that can be obtained at pharmacies. It’s just a vitamin from natural ingredients like fruits will be better for health.

12 Types of Sports For Body Raising Within 2 Weeks


Most people do all kinds of sports how to elevate the body to get the desired height. Here are some types of sports to choose from:

1. Cycling

If you have a bike do not waste it. By pressing the pedal with the feet it will occur stretching the leg bones and muscles so that the leg bones will be longer. Cycling will feel more fun if done with friends. Enough for 30 minutes as long as routine.

2. Basket

Sport basketball can trigger bone growth so it can increase height. Do this exercise regularly in the afternoon to get optimal results.

3. Swinging

Swinging can be done by utilizing the threshold as a place to hang and swing. You can even buy these hanging tools at the store.

4. Fast Running Short

Running fast is capable of triggering the release of growth hormones. This exercise emphasizes the strength of the leg muscles so that muscle and bone expansion will occur, just do not run too often because it can make the tendon and muscle become swollen.

5. Swimming

This most perfect sport has many benefits for the body, including accelerating the growth of height. Get used to swimming at least 3 times a week.

6. Jogging

This easiest sport can be done anytime and anywhere so it will not spend any money. For those of you who want to increase height then do this exercise regularly about 30 to 40 minutes every day.

7. Hurdle

This sport needs a goalkeeping facility to do it. It is said if this sport is one of the most effective sports in stimulating height growth.

8. Long Jump

You can combine long jump sports with a run. Optimal leaps will provide optimal benefits also to bone growth. You can do it several times a week.

9. Volleyball

Regular volleyball or beach volleyball differ only in place, but the game is the same that consists of jumps. This is what makes the volley can help accelerate the growth of height. You can play volleyball about 3 to 4 times a week.

10. Kicking

This sport does not need a ball. Simply stand with a foot wide enough, then lift one of the legs then do the kick. You can do it 20 times in turns on the right and left legs.

11. Jump Rope

Take advantage of unused rubbers or buy a jump rope to help you with this exercise. Make small jumps routinely every day to get optimal results.

12. Free Hand

This exercise is done by standing up first in a large room and then take a deep breath. After that, raise your hand and place it on your shoulder. Push your hand as hard as possible and release your breath. Do this way 10 times.

8 Most Fastest Bodybuilding Exercises


In addition to sports, the exercises below are more practical and easy to do. It’s just that you have to be routine in doing so in order to provide optimal results:

1. Squat Jump

Movement of this gymnast is quite optimal in adding height quickly. The trick is as follows:

  • Lower body in a squat position
  • When squat focus weight on the heels
  • Then stand up with a jumping motion
  • Slide weight from both legs so muscles can work more optimally

2. Pilates Roll Over

Pilates aims to stretch the spine in order to extend the upper body. In addition, this movement is also beneficial to extend and stretch the barrier bone in the neck. How to do that is:

  • Lying on his back and hand on his side
  • Point your palms down by sticking to the floor
  • Lift both legs simultaneously toward the ceiling and keep the legs straight (19459026)
  • Then bend towards the head so that both ends of the foot can touch the floor past our head
  • For those of you who are still beginning to do this movement, usually the foot can not touch the floor first.

3. Spin Stretch Forward

Exercise spin stretch forward can also be used to increase height. How to do the following moves:

  • Sit up straight with the mat as the base
  • Open your shoulder-width leg forward and crush your legs
  • Relax your shoulders and breathe
  • Position the hand forward and extend forward slowly while bowing to try to touch the toe
  • Perform this stretch over and over again.

4. Squat Thrust

This exercise can be done to stimulate height growth in the following way:

  • Stand up straight
  • Position squatting while putting both arms on the floor with foresight
  • Throw both legs towards the back straight up with posture stance but uplifted
  • Pull both legs in unison simultaneously
  • Stand back to normal and do this exercise repeatedly.

5. Pull up

This exercise is very effective for triggering muscle stretching so that it can increase height. Here are the steps to do pull up:

  • Stand up straight
  • Position hand as wide as shoulder
  • Hang hands on wood or iron bars or whatever it is
  • Cross legs by bending the knee like a V
  • Raise the body upward until the head passes over the crossbar
  • Then slowly return the body
  • Perform this exercise repeatedly and do not forget to regulate the breath properly and correctly.

6. Stepper

Fitness centers and gyms quite often do this exercise. If you want to do it at home then you should have the tools, but if not go to the gym. There you will meet the instructor who will guide you to do this exercise correctly.

7. Vertical Hanging

This exercise has known the benefits in elevating the body quickly by increasing the length of the foot. How to do it is:

  • Hover arms up shoulder width
  • Rely on the bars according to your ability
  • You can add variations of practice by trying to grab the ground with your feet
  • This movement can stimulate bone growth in the legs.

8. Cobra Strech

This exercise is not too heavy so anyone can do it. Cobra strech is able to stretch the bones and muscles in the body thus helping the upper muscles grow longer. How to do that is by:

  • Position body prone
  • Lift up the chest with a forward-looking direction then upward
  • Use both hands as a support and support the front of the body
  • This exercise is like the movement of a cobra that is lifting its head.

Sorry if it too long to read but it worth trying and you should get the result.

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