How To Cover Acne For Extracted, Only 1 Hour Acne Missing


Well for you who are in a hurry to get rid of acne but not also lost. We recommend using this way. Guaranteed acne will be disguised and not visible in just a matter of minutes. How to easily disguise pockmarked acne with this makeup you can make easily at home

1. Always use moisturizer

A healthy, smooth face begins with a damp skin. Then never forget the moisturizer, even though your face is full of oil. This step is also effective for reducing acne and treating facial skin. But you need to know yes ladies .. choose a moisturizer that contains salicylic acid and a mild oil-free moisturizer.

2. Cover acne scars with Foundation but do not thick-thick

using the Foundation to cover acne is a popular way that women often do. But many women who often make the mistake of using the foundation in excess. Better not too thick because it can look unnatural or really want to wear mask, plus not good for facial skin because it can cause severe acne, this is because the skin is difficult to breathe. So, apply the foundation to taste evenly yes

3. Use Concealer carefully

" Does acne make your skin red-red? For tips you should use a yellow color corrector to reduce it also looks natural , Then use a small brush to apply the concealer right on the spotlight area of ​​the skin, then pat gently until the blotch is disguised, then blend the concealer on the facial skin area that is not acne, do it repeatedly until the acne on the face really already Completely disguised.

4. The last one! Use powder sow

Well now the acne on the face is disguised, now the last one is to lock the concealer and foundation with powder. When you want to wear powder, should be pat on the face, do not be shifted because it can damage the makeup acne remover you’ve made.

And the result .. taraaa … your acne is now gone and disguised. You will not be inferior anymore appear in public.

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