How To Make Simple Honey Scrub To Whiten The Face

How to make a honey scrub – for those of you who are dazed thinking about dull or dark skin, here is an article we will peel thoroughly about how to brighten facial skin using natural scrub made from a mixture of honey and bananas. Well the question is this honey scrub is efektig to brighten a dull face? Just relax ladies, provided you use them regularly and correctly, then the bright white skin can you get kok

There is a faster way to brighten the face than to use natural ingredients for example using a facial skin whitening product or using vitamin c injections. But of course ladies it must use a very expensive cost, moreover the way also not necessarily matches our facial skin.

now back to the scrub of honey, though it looks trivial. It turns out honey can also help us to care for the skin. Because in addition to brighten the face there are several benefits of honey that you can get, such as can moisturize dry skin, smooth the skin and remove dead skin cells.
For how to make honey and banana scrubs to brighten faces this way.

Things to be prepared

  • honey as much as 3 tablespoons
  • banana as much as 1 piece
  • and oatmeal 3 tbsp

How to make a honey scrub

  • the prepared material prepared mixed evenly
  • Stir to form a paste, then apply on face
  • Massage massage and gently rub the scrub with 10 minutes at the most
  • Wash a face full of scrubs with warm water

How to make it, easy is not it? You need to know that both natural ingredients like honey and bananas contain natural substances that can whiten skin . Bananas contain salicylic acid which is efficacious as skin lightening, while the honey contained vitamins and nutrients that are popular enough used as a moisturizer and tighten facial skin.

you need to remember, for the efficacy of this honey scrub more quickly show the results, as good as after using this scrub your face smeared again with a natural moisturizer like Olive Oil.

Okay ladies that’s how to make a honey scrub that you can make at home, may be useful for you who want to have a bright face yes …

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