How To Make The Right Tomato Mask For Acne

 tomato mask for acne "<a href= Tomato Mask for Face And Acne – Acne it is very annoying, the condition of the face so not karuan because a lot of acne that appears.A woman must hate the name of acne, because it can make us so not confident in public.

The cause of acne itself appears due to stress ladies, so if you are spotty should relax do not make streess, because it can cause more acne. We recommend that we find out how to get rid of a powerful acne. One very simple way to combat acne is one of them with natural ingredients from Tomato.

5: 5 Powerful Ways to Eliminate Acne With Natural Traditional Materials

Maybe some of you guys do not believe that Tomatoes can cure acne. But you should also know that Tomato contains Licopen substances and compounds capable of eradicating the cause of acne. so it does not hurt to try ya right? If you really want to try please just follow the way as follows.

Tomato Mask with Lime Mix

With a mixture of Tomato and lime is really effective for acne. For Lime has a natural substance that can fade acne scars . If mixed with lycopene contained Tomato, then the acne and the scars will disappear with a short time. Origin You are patient and diligent to use it. For how to make it like the following.

  • Prepare 1 refined Tomato using blender
  • prepare 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • Mix both natural ingredients together and stir until evenly distributed
  • If it is mixed next you apply to the acne face
  • Allow up to 15 minutes and last rinse with cold water

How to make tomato mask for acne with lemon blend is easy is not it? oia before using the mask you should wash the face first, so the efficacy of tomato mask can immediately seep into the skin of the face.

Creating Tomato Mask with Oatmeal and Honey

Well the second natural recipe for acne losin with a mixture of Tomato, oatmeal and honey. These three ingredients have a good content loh for facial skin filled with acne. oatmeal is very good for lifting dead skin cells, and added honey that has a myriad of benefits of course after using this mask your face will be natural and smooth glow. If you want to make this way.

  • Blend 1 freshly cleaned tomatoes
  • Combine finely tomatoed tomatoes with 2sdm oatmeal and 3sdm honey
  • Stir until flat to form a paste.
  • When it is flat, apply it to the surface of your face or area of ‚Äč‚Äčacne.
  • do massage with a circular motion for several minutes.
  • Leave the mask firmly on face until 30 minutes.
  • last new deh in rinse with clean cold water.

Remember yes, before using this mask it's good to clean the face first. Let your face quickly free from acne, do the treatment with this tomato mask at least 2 times a week.

that's how to make Tomato mask for acne do not forget to get used to wash your face before going to sleep, and never squeeze pimples. To get rid of the important acne do not ever give up and despair. sure aja if your beauty will return without acne.

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