Traveling Hobby? See 10 Ways to Overcome Dull Face While Traveling

Have any plans for a vacation, out or in the country? Wherever you’re going to vacation. Whether you travel short or long, of course you will feel both fun and exhausting. When traveling, almost the entire body will feel tired due to travel, not infrequently your face becomes an easy target of dust and pollution while traveling. When traveling we will do more activities outside the room than usual and the face will be more often exposed to sunlight, dust, and pollution. As a result the face will become dull. For you who like traveling hobby yuk refer the following tips for your face protected from dull while traveling.

10 Ways to Overcome Dull Face While Traveling


Currently traveling is becoming a new lifestyle especially for millennial generation. Lots of travelers are popping up to document the moments of the holidays. Maybe for the men they are not too complicated to take care of faces or appearances during the holidays, but different from girls. From the tip of the same hair the tip of the foot remains a very important concern in spite of being on vacation. The term is not to be forgiven for a dull face.

So, for you who like to travel and afraid to face dull moment or after vacation. Here are tips to keep your face healthy and fresh during the holidays.

1. Do not Forget To Consume White Water

While traveling you should not reduce your mineral water intake. The body is sufficient mineral water intake can keep the moisture and smoothness of our skin. When the body is well hydrated, the skin will feel more supple and moist, and not too much oil. For that, do not forget to always consume mineral water, especially when you spend a lot of your time outdoors.

2. Stay Away from the Sunlight At 12 Hours

Sunlight is very beneficial for bone strength because it contains vitamin D. But morning sunshine is good for growth, another case if it is almost 12 noon. The sun at 12 noon will make your skin burn. As a woman do not want our skin to be burned? Therefore avoid the exposure to sunlight at 12 noon. Better to use the time to rest or shelter indoors.

3. Usage Sunblock / Sunscreen


If your vacation requires sunbathing the sun, Sunblock is the key. If you are going outdoors or on the mantai make sure you do not forget to apply your whole body using sunblock . Exposure to sun for hours will make your face dull. Therefore, the use of sunscreen cream with SPF> 30 blisters greatly helps your face not look dull. Use of sunblock min. 15-30 minutes before leaving the room for the sunblock to seep into your skin.

4. Complementary Accessories


Umbrella, hat, scarf, hoodie jacket, sample glasses from secondary shields that help work sunblock that you use, to avoid sun exposure. In addition to protecting the face from direct sunlight the use of these accessories can also make you look more stylist .

5. Usage Face Mist


Face mist or spray the face of one of the women’s flagship facial treatments while on vacation, which can be in use anytime. Face mist is useful for moisturizing the skin from dry and dull and gives freshness. This product is very practical and suitable to carry and use when you’re traveling anywhere.

6. Usage Make Up The Thin


When you are traveling you spend your time outdoors, if you use thick makeup it will make you feel uncomfortable, because the makeup you use cover the pores of the face. It will make your face oily and acne. Well use make up sufficiently while traveling

7. Do not Lazy To Wash Your Face

After a day of activity enjoying the sights you visit during the holidays, do not forget to clean the face. This is the best way to prevent dull skin during the holidays. Choose a face cleanser that matches your skin type. Use makeup remover to clean up the rest of the makeup that we have used all day and then continue with the cleanser. This step will make your face free from dirt and acne-causing oils that stick to when you move all day.

Washing face with warm water can soothe all the muscles in the face, so the skin will become relaxed as well as open the pores. This step will help the dirt so much easier to lift. Conversely, the water is too cold or hot will make the facial skin becomes drier. So, although it has a fresh effect, avoid washing your face directly with cold water, ok?

8. Ensure Air Condition And Temperature


Recognize your body against various temperatures and the air, especially where you are going, because the immune level of a person is different. Are you allergic to any of the air temperature? Whether the reaction to your body has a mild or severe impact. We recommend that you check with your doctor first.

Customize the outfit you will wear with the holiday spot you choose. When you go to a cool place then provide the basic ingredients of cotton or wool to warm themselves. Conversely, if you go to a hot spot then provide a place for hot places such as hats and sunglasses to these two items are very useful to protect your eyes from UV rays.

Dystic temperature changes can affect our immune system, either cold or hot air, often making us sick easily. When you are packing do not forget to bring medicines or multi vitamins that would suit you.

9. Do not Forget Night Cream / Sleeping Mask


After a full day’s activities, the evenings are the best time for our skin re-generation. So, using night cream or sleeping mask before going to bed will help our skin become fresh and healthy tomorrow.

10. Enough Rest

During the holidays we will certainly use the maximum time to visit tourist attractions, therefore, no wonder if during the holidays we wake up in the morning and until the inn is at night. Remember yes guys, lack of sleep can make our skin less fresh tomorrow besides it can cause panda eyes, do not want dong. So, no matter how busy we make sure we have enough rest time to get healthy skin and fresh .

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