10 Ways to Flick Natural Eyelashes

Everyone has different eyelash characteristics due to certain things. However, now there are many ways that can be done to make lashes more tapering. The following article will help you to get long and delicate eyelashes that look more beautiful.

Elegance of Eyelashes

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Beauty is very important for a woman. One part of the body that can add to the beauty of women is the eye. Beautiful eyes are eyes that are round and have long eyelashes . Women will look more attractive if the eyelashes are black, long and tapering, especially in front of men. Unfortunately, not all women are created with these beautiful eyelashes so they have to do various ways to beautify their eyelashes.

Some of the most common ways are to use false eyelashes or spouses, using makeup tools, such as mascara. These ways are the most appropriate way for you to get beautiful eyelashes. However, the results will not last long so you should find other ways or alternatives to be able to create long and eyelashes without using tools or makeup. So, how to get the eyelashes are tapering?

You can use natural ingredients that are safe and powerful in making long and lumpy eyelashes. Although it looks complicated and the results are not instant, but it is safer because there will be no eye irritation.

Before knowing how to make eyelashes thick and thick naturally, it is better if we discuss about the cause of less beautiful lashes, among others:

  • Age factor
  • Genetic or hereditary
  • Use of excessive makeup
  • Symptoms of certain diseases
  • Less nutritional intake

How to Flick Natural Eyelashes

Here is how to stop the lashes naturally and permanently, namely:

1. Olive Oil

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Who is not acquainted with this million benefit . Olive oil has been known for a long time, even during Egyptian queen Cleopatra’s oil is used to treat beauty. Apparently, the results say that olive oil has vitamin E content is high enough for both beauty and health.

To get the benefits of this olive oil for maxillary lashes in the following way, you simply apply olive oil on the lashes. Flatten the oil on the eyelashes and close your eyes when applying or dripping this olive oil to avoid eye contact. Wait until the oil dries and rinse immediately with cold water.

2. Oil Castors

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Castor oil is easy to find in the Middle East and Mediterranean plains for consumption. The oil is very beneficial for people affected by heart attacks and cancer patients, as explained WHO. In addition to its health benefits, this oil can also make your lashes more naturally curling.

But do not get the wrong choice of this oil because many found other oils that have the same characteristics with the oil of the caster. How to use it can be done before bed by applying it to the lash evenly. Let stand first until early morning when waking up, rinse eyes with cold water until clean.

3. Honey

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This one material indeed has a lot of benefits, both for health and beauty. Nutrition contained, ranging from natural minerals to vitamins can maintain our health. But, who would have thought that this honey is also useful to flick eyelashes.

For those of you who want eyelashes naturally then choose a quality honey because honey is fake or not quality can reduce the existing properties. Wait a few moments later until the honey is pervasive and in general, it takes about 30 minutes.

4. Pure Milk

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Milk contains many nutrients that make this drink rich in benefits like honey. Generally, milk is used as skin bleach facial and armpits, but it turns out milk can also be used to make eyelashes. These benefits are derived from the content of protein, calcium, vitamins, phosphorus, and other natural minerals that will stimulate hair growth in the lashes.

How to use is easy enough that by shaking the milk first until the foam comes out and then apply the milk to the lashes (after the bath) and wait until dry then rinse clean

5. Baby Powder

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Who would have thought the baby powder was able to curl our eyelashes. Baby powder has a soft texture that is able to attach to the lashes that make the lashes more volume. How to flick eyelashes with baby powder is to use mascara first and then rub the baby’s powder using the fingers on the lashes.

The last step is to rub the mascara again on the lashes. Use the once-wipe technique to make the lashes sticky.

6. Lemon Skin

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Lemon is a traditional material that can flick the lashes with various nutrients contained. How to use it is to soak lemon water with olive oil and castor oil for 4 days. Then use this herb as a mask and use at least 2 days for maximum results.

7. Egg Shrimp

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Not many people know about this shrimp egg, but it turns out this egg can grow hair or feathers faster. This benefit is obtained from the protein contained in these shrimp eggs is very high. How to use it is to prepare the shrimp egg in hand first, then break the egg and smear it on the lash evenly.

Maybe the smell is quite sting but wait about 30 minutes. If the eyelashes feel stiff then rinse with cold water while taking a bath to remove the stench.

8. Lidah Crocodile Mask

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Aloe vera has been famous from the past in extending the hair so it can be used also to flick eyelashes. How to use is to dry the aloe vera first until wilted and then take mucus only. Use the mucus on the lashes by forming it with the fingers to make it look more pliable.

9. Shave Eyelashes

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As the process of growing hair where cutting the tip of the hair can stimulate the growth of hair faster. Likewise with eyelashes where the tip is also vulnerable to damage. Therefore, eyelash cutting should be done at least 3 months. Here’s how to stop eyelashes without a tool.

10. Betel Leaves

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The benefits of betel leaf will be maximal if combined with aloe vera. How to use is to wring the betel leaves to produce mucus. Then apply the mucus to the tip of the aloe vera after it is broken. Wait until the mucus fused with aloe vera mucus for about 5 minutes. Then, apply the liquid to the lashes and let stand for about 2 hours. Do not forget to clean it after it’s done.

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