12 Secrets of Korean Seamless Skin Care Rituals

Curious why Koreans can have such a smooth face? Their smooth and clean white face is not always obtained from plastic surgery you know, so do not first menjudge ya. The following article will help you to have a smoother face than now. It can also be a list of resolutions for you in 2017.

9 Up To 12 Steps Face Care Routine a la Korean Women

Korean people in treating facial skin have a fairly long stage. Probably true yes that is said to some people that beautiful or handsome it takes time. Time to do all skin care. The following step by step facial skin care starts for the morning, night to Korean-style weekly treatment.

Skin Care for the Morning

1. White Water Consumption Min 2L

Before using a wide range of skin care treatments, Korean women believe that filling the body fluids can help make facial skin healthy and avoid dehydration that can make skin dry and dull. Therefore, they are accustomed to consume water every morning before starting the activity. And they are accustomed to sufficient water consumption for their body and skin. No wonder ya see the skin of the Korean people are moist and healthy.

2. Foam Cleanser

Do not assume when we wake up in the morning skin, because at the time we sleep, facial skin regenerate when we fall asleep so when wake up there must be dirt though not as much when we are outside the room. Therefore after waking up make it a habit to wash your face with a foam cleanser only.

3. Booster

After that proceed with Booster. The function of using a booster is to prepare the skin for the use of advanced skin care. Booster is mostly sold mainly on Korean cosmetic brands such as Sulwhasoo, Laniege, The Face Shop.

4. Water (Refiner) / Toner

Different country differences are also the mention of it. For Koreans the Toner is called Water or Refiner. While toner is the name of the western. The function of this product is to provide freshness to the skin while helping to balance the pH balance facial skin. For how to use it, Koreans prefer to use with their fingers directly in order to better absorb the skin. If you want to follow the way make sure your hands are clean yes.

5. Emulsion

In Korea known as lotion, while in Japan the term lotion is used as a toner. So do not get mixed up. When you want to buy this product make sure you check the origin of the brand so as not to buy one. Emulsion is also known as light moisturizer usually having a slightly milky texture but still like liquid. The function of this treatment is to restore the balance of oil and water and moisturize the skin.

6. Serum

Korean ladies are very old having more than 1 serum, probably because of the needs of their own skin. If the skin is feeling dry and dull, then serum used is serum that can increase water content, and contains vitamin C that helps to lighten. If you have large pores you can use serum containing snail extract that serves to help improve the structure of the skin and shrink the pores. Of course the use of different serum is not used in the same time, you can take turns in its use every day.

7. Eye Cream

Parts of the eyes did not escape the attention of Koreans, therefore a lot of products that remove the eye cream. The function of the eye cream itself is to avoid like the eyes of the panda ( dark circle ) as well as to smooth and brighten the eye area.

8. Using Face Whitening Cream

Although basically korean skin is white, but they do not forget to use face bleaching cream to avoid pigmentation on the skin. It is proven at this time a lot of skin care products from Korea who issued a whitening face cream in the market especially in Korea itself.

Cream facial bleach is also apparently not only the weather is competing to seek it, but men too. So, do not blame the face of the Korean celebrity either the air or men both have a clean white face and smooth. So for those of you who are lazy to use whitening cream, from now on change how to care for your face by always using whitening face safe routine yes

Tips for you who want to find a safe bleach face. First, do not easily tempted by instant results. Second, look for a clear cream origin, minimal cream bleach is already disabused in BPOM. Third, do not be tempted by the cheap price. You should buy in a shop that is already trusted authenticity of the product being sold.

9. Not Absent Using Sunblock (UV Protection)

Although temperatures and weather in Korea are not as hot as in Indonesia, but the people there always use sunblock as the stage of their clean and smooth white facial treatments. Unlike Indonesians who are usually Indonesians use sunblock when they go to beach or place with a hot temperature only.

Hmm, for those of you who have such behavior, it is time to change yes. Learning from Korean people who always routinely use sunblock everyday when going out of house or materials at home, they still use sunblock to protect their faces from sun exposure either directly or indirectly. Because it is indeed the main function of the use of skin care this one.

10. Finisher

Maybe in 2015 then, this finisher still rarely people know. Skin care this stage is one of the latest stages in Korea, because skin care is fairly new also in the Korea. The first brand to have this skin care is Sulwhasoo (Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher). The function of this skin care is to end the series of skin care in the morning or can be considered as a “lock” of all the benefits of skin care that has been used before the makeup.

Skin Care For The Night

After a day of activity and using makeup make sure you clean the face with makeup remover first until the makeup is completely lifted, followed by cleansing the face with a cleanser. Then repeat the step as in the morning.

Never mind you attention when watching K-drama there must be 1 scene where they use face mask. Example who is here to watch k-drama Descendant of the sun ? It seems unlikely that k-drama fans have not watched or did not even know the drama was booming and was a phenomenal drama in 2016 before being shifted by the Goblin k-drama.

Lol seems to be really so k-drama here. Okay back again to the scene in Dots where sergeant Soe Dae Young and the other soldiers who use face masks while at break time. In addition, the fact that kaun Eve in Korea is very fond of face mask. They can even use face masks every day.

Masks that they usually use based like yoghurt, cucumber or honey that can provide properties to tighten the skin, refresh and moisturize the skin. But for those of you who like lazy mask because must rinse again after 15 minutes. Now you can use a night mask that can be worn during sleep ( Sleeping mask ). So we do not need to bother anymore rinse. Brought to bed tomorrow morning just rinsed as usual with cleanser. Sleeping Mask is usually used 2-3x a week.

Skin Care For The Weekly

Basically the stages are just like morning rituals, it’s just that for this weekly maintenance you add step Exfoliator after Cleanser and after Emulsion you proceed by using sheet mask for 20 minutes. And you keep using sleeping mask at night.

Well that’s the step of care for Koreans. Because the good and healthy it is nothing instant. Process is required to get maximum results. If you want to get clean white skin and healthy like Korean women you have to have business first dong. Let the results also did not disappoint. Park Bo Gum and other Korean boys just care for your lifetime that real girls do not want to take care of your skin?

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