10 Reasons Why Age 20 is the Right Time to Travel

It can be said that life is a series of journeys, where you will go through different phases with varying degrees of complexity. Growing age, of course the responsibility to be borne will also be increased. You need to remember that youth is a reflection that you will get later in old age. So do not get any regret in old age because you have not felt all the fun experience, one of them traveling. Based on survey results of a travel company in the UK, as many as ¾ of 2000 respondents admitted regret for not often traveling when young.

Well, while now still young, you should seek experience as much as possible through traveling. You could say the age of 20 years and early is the most ideal time to multiply traveling. More interesting again if you try to solo traveling occasionally to mentally stronger. Then what is actually the benefits of traveling? By traveling, you can be more aware that the world is actually very wide. Some of the benefits you can make while traveling include adding insight to a place, being able to meet new people, get to know a new culture, learn independently, reduce stress, to learn a new language. A lot right? You also need to know some reasons why the age of 20 is said to be appropriate to multiply traveling.

1. Age of 20 years including the beginning

The age of 20 years includes the beginning. Actually there is no harm if you start traveling under the age of 20 years, or even above the age of 30 years. However, the age of 20 is considered appropriate because a person usually has an adult attitude physically and mentally. In terms of thinking and decisiveness in determining everything is also better. Age 20s is the beginning, so you are not bound by anything if not married. Of course you are free to do anything, including traveling to places that have never been visited.

2. The demands of life that have not been high

Remember, the increasing age will be the higher the demands of life that must be fulfilled. Before you are faced with more complex and high life demands, you must enjoy your youth first. When at the age of 20 years early, about 20 to 24 years, of course the demands have not been as heavy as the age of 25 years.

3. Have sufficient savings & good health

At the age of 20 years, you are usually actively working. The need is also not too much because not yet married. You can use the savings to travel. No fun, can traveling with his own money? Not from the results of asking parents. In addition, usually when you are in your 20s, a person’s health condition is still in a pretty good standard. Both in terms of physical and mental strength. So traveling to distant places was not a problem.

4. Have a lot of time

At the age of 20 years you usually will have a super solid schedule. But of course you have more time because the power is still full. The physical you have is still strong to work after traveling. Interestingly again, when you travel at a young age, of course you can get a lot of ideas and inspiration.

5. Insight into the world is increasingly open

While traveling, indirectly your insight into the world must be more open. For example, the experience while enjoying the beauty of Mount, enjoy the cool City near your place, to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Of course all these experiences can give different colors in your life. You can only get the exciting experience while traveling.

6. Looking for a wider friendship

Certainly having many friends has never hurt, even more profitable. If you travel frequently, you can get a chance to get more friends. You can meet many people from different regions with different backgrounds.

7. Can become more empathetic

You need to know that traveling can make us more empathy with sesame. Basically young people tend to be indifferent with sesame or the environment. When you travel, of course you will see various new circumstances that previously may not have you know and see. The more trips you take, the more new conditions you will encounter. You can also become more sensitive and empathetic to help others. Usually by traveling, you can cultivate your humanity, even change your perspective on the world. Interesting is not it?

8. Can see various cultural differences

Not enough if you want to know cultural differences, but only see them in newspapers, magazines, books, internet, or television only. Of course it will be more interesting if you really see the culture directly. Of course you see from the media usually only the small sides are documented.

9. Life is short

Remember, life is short. Anyone in this world will surely die sooner or later. Death indeed threatens anyone of any age. Preferably before death falls, you must enjoy the beauty of God’s creation that exists throughout the world. Do not waste your youth just to work. It could be you will regret when you want to travel but the body is old. Use the wisest and best time so as not to regret in the future.

10. You can tell stories with future grandchildren

Your traveling experience as a young man can certainly be a treasure that is priceless. You can tell those exciting experiences to your grandchildren in the future. Of course you can tell a variety of the beauty of a tourist attraction that you’ve actually seen.

That was some reason why when you were 20 years old, you have to multiply traveling. Never treat yourself as a robot when young. Work hard, but do not forget to enjoy the beauty of the world. While still healthy and able, immediately plan your adventure!


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