Linkin Park Band Uploaded Video An Hour Before The Vocalist Died

Instagram pic : Chester Bennington

An hour earlier than Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington died, the rock band from the USA uploaded a video on YouTube. The video is now the final video of Linkin Park with Bennington.

An hour later after the video uploaded the TMZ web site reported that Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington died.

Music video titled “Speaking to Myself” was till Friday (21/7/2017) this morning has been watched as a lot as 2 million occasions on YouTube.

The music video was launched by Mashable, directed by Mark Fiore. It appears that evidently Fiore didn’t assume that the video is now a tribute to Chester Bennington.

Speaking to Myself is a music on Linkin Park’s new album, One Extra Mild. The video featured items of Linkin Park’s live performance scene with a crowd of exploding and shouting audiences.

Lyrics Speaking to Myself itself if noticed rigorously, because it pertains to alleged suicide dedicated by Bennington.

Not solely that, the lyrics additionally appear to be associated to the lifetime of Chester Bennington who struggled with medication, alcohol, and ideas about suicide

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